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Usiskin/Oliver DUO
SLAMCD 2113   BARCODE  5028386716723

Max Oliver          Electric Cello
Ollie Usiskin        Drums

This latest SLAM release presents the very individual style of music by the UK based duo on their first CD. Combining rhythmic and largely atonal melodic ideas, the duo cites Jack DeJohnette, Frank Zappa and Tony Williams amongst their main influences.

Ollie Usiskin writes:- "The duo’s eponymous debut CD brings a new exciting sound in improvised music. The recordings feature music created during playing sessions by the Duo, blending Jazz and Classical styles, with Oliver’s atonal themes accompanied by Usiskin’s loose & fiery drums. The project has been guided by Bassist / Producer Jimmy Haslip ( The Yellow Jackets, Allan Holdsworth ) who describes the playing as uninhibited, abstract & colourful . World renowned drummer Peter Erskine quotes " Excellent stuff !" Be prepared to be taken on a creative journey where there are no boundaries."

Recorded July 2019 at Mill Hill Music Complex, London.

1          Changes of Direction              11:47 

2          The Reaction of Two               3:13               

3          Stretch                                    1:44

4          Leading up to                          12:29

5          Storm Burst                              1:29

6          Build up                                   11:54

7          Disagree to agree                   12:35

8          Swing Push                               0:46

9          Irritation                                    1:57



Lamps, Clocks and Towers

 SLAMCD 334  Barcode: 5028386715825

George Haslam          Tarogato

Aida Mujačič               Piano and Voice

Jozef Láska                Contrabass and Bass Guitar.

Steve Hubback           Percussion


The original Freetime Quartet – comprising Swetja, Josef Láska, Petr Zimak and George Haslam – was busy in Prague at the turn of the century, the name being the idea of Miloš Latislav, to be heard on SLAMCD 320, a collection of live recordings by the quartet with special guests.
The present group, although still based in Prague comprises musicians from Bosnia, Slovakia, Wales and England which came into being at the Free Jazz Festival in Prague in 2013 performing to a full house. Since then they have performed many concerts and tours in the Czech Republic in very different venues and festivals.
They continue to evolve through improvisations that embrace and explore elements of Folk, Rock, Jazz and contemporary music with their own identity and energy. This album introduces the new group recorded live in the legendary Absintový Klub in Ostrava, offering a fine example of Freetime's creativity.



1 Here we go                                    16’15
2 Lamps, Clocks and Towers             3’24
3 In the domain of the Green Fairy    9’35
4 The Three Towers of Sedlec           7’38
5 The Astronomer and the Elk (For Tycho Brahe) 8’28



JULY 2020

Our 4 new releases originally scheduled for April release will now be released on 31 July

Here are brief details about these CDs:

A Room For You       BARCODE    5028386714828

Falb / Holub / Satzinger Trio

Viola Falb – saxophone
Bernd Satzinger – bass
Mark Holub – drums

Recorded in a beautiful old farmhouse nestled in the mountains and rolling hills of Austria, amongst Christmas tree farms and the distant sounds of wandering cows, these three musicians set out over the course of two days to record their first album together.

The trio originally formed in 2017 and played their first concert in a recording studio in Vienna(with the audience watching from the control room) as part of the Jazzwerkstatt festival. Bernd Satzinger(bass) and Mark Holub(drums) first met when Mark first arrived in Vienna(2012) and always had plans to do something musically together. Satzinger suggested playing with Viola Falb(sax) and the trio was born. After the studio concert, the trio played further concerts around Austria, and when Falb mentioned the opportunity of recording in Schrattenberg the trio jumped at the opportunity and 'A Room For You' was born.

The recording process saw all 3 members bring some concepts for the improvisations as well as Holub bringing a few tunes. The essence of the recording is about 3 musicians who are working to form a group language through their various individualistic approaches. The CD moves between sparse soundscapes ,hectic free jazz, and beautiful melodic moments, sometimes all within the same track.  With this first album, a new trio is born which will continue to explore the boundaries of where improvised music can take us.

Track details:

1) Cash Cow - 0:31                                                     GBACW1801188

2) Afterwards - 5:07                                                    GBACW1801189

3) Eye Poker - 0:36                                                    GBACW1801190

4) Downy Beard - 4:03                                               GBACW1801191       

5) A Line - 0:28                                                           GBACW1801192

6) A Room For You - 2:35                                          GBACW1801193

7) Dry Deposition - 0:38                                              GBACW1801194

8) Missing Link - 3:00                                                  GBACW1801195

9) Mixed Blessings - 4:25                                           GBACW1801196

10) Private Conversation - 0:39                                  GBACW1801197

11) Breakfast as Dinner - 8:31                                   GBACW1801198

12) Quantum Readjustment - 0:38                             GBACW1801199

13) False Tears - 7:31                                                  GBACW1801200

14) You Can't Unthink a Thought - 0:44                     GBACW1801201

15) Rusty Soles – 3:02 *                                             GBACW1801202

All compositions by Falb / Holub / Satzinger except * by Mark Holub

Recorded on 12 – 13 September 2018 in Hotel Pupik, Styria, Austria by Oliver Brunbauer
Mixed and Mastered by Oliver Brunbauer at Feedback Studio, Vienna, Austria




"Breadcrumb Trio"    
SLAMCD 599          Barcode: 5028386713821


Breadcrumb Trio
Giannis Arapis                  guitar
Giorgos Kokkinaris          double bass
Nikos Kordelis                  guitar

The Bread Crumb Trio (Kokkinaris, Kordelis, and Arapis) is an improvisational – experimental music group here releasing its first self-titled album on SLAM Productions. Its particular combination of electric guitar with contrabass gives birth to compositions encompassing a wide range of sonic manipulations. The instruments escape their traditional ways and produce uncanny and original sounds. The three musicians get together on the basis of musical "dialogue", aiming to explore new musical dynamics. The members of the Bread Crumb Trio are active in the improvisational and new music scenes of Athens and Berlin, each one stemming from different backgrounds (classical, jazz, rock, punk). The album is an example of the up-and-coming scene that welcomes more and more musicians, creating performances for an audience that seeks out unique sounds and new sonic experiences. Its aim is the immediacy between the audience and the performers, giving the former the right to think freely, criticize, demand, without any pre-imposed rules pertaining to "idiom" or "tradition".



1. Harvest 09.11 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

2. A jar drops, a flower pops 05.20 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

3. Spume 07.52 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

4. Bread crumbs for birds 04.03 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

5. Bottled up lover 03.54 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

6. Wash my teeth with fire 05.06 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

7. Small bucket of sand 04.49 (Arapis/Kordelis)

Recorded at AUX Studios, Athens, September – October 2018
By Giotis Paraskevaidis and Christos Brito.

Mastering by Nasos Nomikos at VU studios.




Catalogue number SLAMCD 5100  BARCODE  5028386714224


George Haslam – tarogato
Joăo Madeira – doublebass
Mário Rua – drums
Pedro Castello Lopes – percussions

"Ajuda" is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, located on the hillside of one of its 7 hills, between Belém and the forest of Monsanto. Here a very informal ‘studio’ recording took place, by a hitherto completely unknown quartet ~ 4 musicians, some meeting for the first time, introducing themselves and getting to know each other musically. Creating their own identity through their music; listening, responding and finding pleasure in the experience.


Track details: 

1 - Ajuda / Help – 12.10                                                                         

2 - Nice to meet you – 16.09       

3 - Who are you? – 22.27                          

4 - Prazeres e Necessidades / Pleasures and Needs – 16.09            

All compositions by Castello Lopes, Haslam, Madeira, Rua


Live recording at Ajuda, Lisbon, Portugal, 18 September 2019

Recording and mastering by Joăo Madeira






Stephanos  Chytiris Drums
Nikolas Skordas: soprano and tenor Saxophones  Tarogato, traditional Flutes

"Invisible war is a profound spiritual improvised musical search that reveals what happens to every human heart on its way to wisdom, and ultimately, to peace. Expectations, empathy, bones and stones, archetypal, a passage from the world of matter to infinity.
Spiritual improvised free jazz music."

Stephanos  Chytiris & Nikolas Skordas


01        EΜΠΝΟΗ (INSPIRATION)              02:34  FLUTE AND DRUMS         

02        EXPECTATIONS                             06.53  DRUMS AND SOPRANO SAX    

03        BONES AND STONES                   08:57  DRUMS AND SOPRANO SAX    

04        INVISIBLE WAR                             10:55  DRUMS AND SOPRANO SAX    

05        EMPATHY                                      09:49    DRUMS AND TENOR SAX        

06        PASSING                                       06:01  DRUMS AND TAROGATO           

07        ARCHETYPE                                 03:17  FLUTE AND DRUMS         


All compositions by Stephanos Chytiris - Nikolas Skordas for composers

TOTAL TIME =  00:46:66

Recorded live in Shellac Studios

Mixed and mastered by Konstantinos Fragkopoulos 2018 – 2019 at Shellac Studios , Thessaloniki, GREECE





New CD releases on SLAM, 28 February 2020.

"MORE LISTENING, MORE HEARING"     SLAMCD 2109 Barcode: 5028386713326

Howard Riley Solo Piano. Recorded 5 July 2019 at Porcupine Studios, London. Howard Riley takes further his 30 year association with SLAM with a sequel to his 2018 release "LISTEN TO HEAR", recorded on the same piano at the same studio. The programming is typical Riley – impromptu improvisations with the inclusion of the odd standard, this time a couple of takes on ‘Long ago and far away’.


"LOCKED"    SLAMCD 2110 Barcode: 5028386713623
Bruce Coates saxophones, Barry Edwards guitar, Trevor Lines bass, Ed Gauden drums. Recorded live at The Hermon Chapel, Oswestry, 18 April 2019.
Although The Hermon Chapel was originally a Welsh speaking chapel it is actually just on the English side of the border. Since 2009 the 19th century chapel has presented an ambitious and progressive programme as a successful arts centre. Ed Gauden and Barry Edwards previously appeared on SLAMCD 2103 "Hymn for Robots" as members of  ‘UNschooLED’, Bruce Coates appeared with Paul Dunmall on ‘Six of One’ (SLAMCD 2102).
"John eats Bacon with Francis in the Cage" SLAMCD 2111 Barcode: 5028386713722
Perlin Noise: Irene Kepl – violin, Stephanie Schoiswohl - alto sax, Villy Paraskevopoulos – piano, Alessandro Vicard – contrabass, Mark Holub – drums. Recorded at Marinegrau, Vienna 4rd - 5th January 2019
Perlin Noise is an algorithm which allows computer graphics artists to represent the complexity of natural phenomena in visual effects and is often used in the creation of computer-generated visual elements. Through the composition of Alessandro Vicard, THE PERLIN NOISE QUINTET translates this idea into acoustic terms, the sonic results expressed in composed and improvised music.

New CD releases on SLAM, 25 October 2019.

"New Jersey Freebie"  SLAMCD 596  Barcode 5028386712121


Jimmy Bennington - drums

Steve Cohn - piano (vocals)

Ed Schuller - bass (vocals #6)



1. Night and Day (Cole Porter)                          6:15

2. Nepal (Cohn)                                                   7:27

3. New Jersey Freebie ( Cohn/ Schuller)          3:59

4. Back to You (Cohn)                                        9:46

5. Intro to That’s It (Cohn)                                  1:25

6. That’s It (Bennington/ Cohn/ Schuller)         2:17

7. Body and Soul (Johnny Green)                     5:56


Jimmy tells it as it is ..  or was: "A flight in from Chicago. A take-out Mandarin lunch carried to le Studio in the old fashioned white boxes with wire handles. Many cartons left empty, splashes of Vodka, bottles of beer, and much music played as day turned to evening. We awaited the great Ed Schuller’s arrival for night was all fine and good…even when Ed arrived and called out before playing a note "...and you’re gonna pay my tolls!". 


He’s the man with the whip though, and he drove us with his bass, calmly cursing and singing throughout. The piano’s webs became the more intricate, Steve’s voice blending into the trio, and a light was shone on the drummer’s obscurity.


A sunny exploration of Hackensack, feeling good, experiencing new air, new faces, shops, people, an appetite growing... meandering strolls and discourse; many ideas passed back and forth, a thoughtful walk back to le Studio…a great old time warehouse you don’t see too much anymore, situated at the tracks…we were quiet and stayed that way for some time…just stillness and rest…the sound of the trains rumbling past, whistles blowing, augmented our hearts and the music we made there tremendously". 


"Any Morning"  SLAMCD 598      Barcode: 5028386713227


Giancarlo Mazzů        guitar

Luciano Troja             piano


Recorded on April 28th, 2019 at 2nd Story Sound, New York City.

Sound engineer: M.P.Kuo.

Mixed and mastered by Alessandro Luvarŕ, at Spain Audio Studio, Molochio (RC)


The long standing duo Mazzů and Troja, return with a new selection of their original compositions, on this their fourth SLAM CD, another important milestone on their path together, marking over 15 years of collaboration and music empathy. 

‘Any Morning’ presents 10 new original compositions, through which the two musicians open their musical vision to new languages through their mutual sensitivity.

The programme traces the duo’s unique style of improvisation based on their own compositions, from baroque to jazz roots, to avant-garde.

In particular, the title of the CD, and also the composition, "Any Morning" (track 4) take inspiration from a poem by the great poet Bill Zavatsky, (from the book "Where X Marks the Spot",  Hanging Loose Press, 2006, 2019).  Poet/pianist, Zavatsky is well-known also for the poem "Elegy (for Bill Evans 1929-1980)" composed for the legendary Bill Evans recording "You Must Believe in Spring" and printed on the sleeve of the vinyl album, 1981.


1.  Afternoon (Luciano Troja)  5:37 2.  Quando Il Vento E’ Cessato (Giancarlo Mazzů) 3:46 3.  First Time (Luciano Troja) 5:16 4.  Any Morning (Luciano Troja)  6:59 5.  Manlight (Luciano Troja) 4:55 6.  Lifetime (Giancarlo Mazzů) 7:26 7.  Before The Wind (Luciano Troja) 7:27 8.  Overcoming Obstacles (Giancarlo Mazzů) 4:55 9.  Da Cuore A Cuore (Giancarlo Mazzů) 5:56 10. Stars Over Me (Giancarlo Mazzů) 5:26



New CD releases on SLAM, 26 July 2019.

"ANCIENT AND MODERN"   SLAMCD 332  BARCODE:  5028386711124 


Summer 2018, Steve Cohn is planning to travel from home in New Jersey to London to appear in the World Shakuhachi Festival. Through the offices of SLAM he contacts George Haslam with a view to meeting for coffee etc. ~ the plan eventually developed into a gig with bassist Steve Kershaw in the beautiful All Saints Church in rural Oxfordshire. The churchyard is the burial place of George Orwell – hence the ‘Orwell’s Blues’ reference. The music programme attempted to trace influences from folk songs, blues and free improvisation. The trio met for the first time at the church – Steve C arrived in UK the day before; Steve K returned home from holiday also the day before and, as he had a lunchtime gig on the day of the concert, was not able to meet Steve C before it was time to take the stage. Everything that had to be said was in the music. Steve (Cohn) took the opportunity to record the concert, hence the production of this CD.

  1. Scarborough Fair                                         5:41    (Traditional)
  2. Orwell's Blues                                              3:24    (Steve Cohn)
  3. Walking in an English Garden                     5:33    (Cohn/Kershaw
  4. Blue Monk                                                    6:33    (Thelonious Monk)
  5. Nostalgia in Times Square                           7:43    (Charles Mingus)
  6. Baritone Happiness                                    13:18     (Cohn/Haslam/Kershaw)
  7. Dog Blue                                                       2:20    (Cohn/Kershaw)
  8. Tarogato Fire                                              12:45     (Cohn/Haslam/Kershaw)
  9. Nepal meets Hum Hum Drum Drum            7:09    (Steve Cohn)

 "LETHE"   SLAMCD 333    BARCODE: 5028386712022 






One of the benefits of running a CD label has been the opportunities to meet and sometimes work with interesting musicians – for me this has included Stefano Pastor, Szilard Mezei, Mal Waldron, Borah Bergman, the Greek trio Outward Bound, many friends in Argentina and, more recently Steve Cohn and eminent Greek composer and reedsman Nikolas Skordas. Nikolas recorded 2 previous CDs on SLAM, duos with Alex Maguire and Alexandros Aivaliotis.

I went to visit him in Thessaloniki, December 2018 where we played a few gigs  had a workshop and also in Athens.  I took my tarogato, also various sax mouthpieces and zither, ( It was my first outing with zither, I have experimented with sounds, I like the natural acoustic feeling) and he played soprano and tenor saxes and various ethnic flutes, bagpipes etc… 

We recorded a session in Shellac Recording Studios Thessaloniki, with vocalist and byzantine psalt singer, Sophia Koroxenou, who had made the tour possible and also joined us surprisingly on the last minute  in the studio .  

The music of course is improvised.


‘Live Constructions Volume 2’  SLAMCD 597  BARCODE: 5028386711926 




DAVID HANEY,                    PIANO 

ADAM LANE,                       BASS 


‘Live Constructions’ is a programme of live studio performances broadcast by WKCR Radio based at Columbia University, New York; SLAMCD 589, also titled ‘Live Constructions’ features the session by Daniel Carter, Hilliard Greene and David Haney recorded November 2017. Almost a year later – October 2018 – Carter and Haney returned to the studio together with Julian Priester, Adam Lane and Reggie Sylvester, this session is preserved here on ‘Live Constructions Volume 2’


Of  the earlier CD, ‘Live Constructions’, Ken Waxman began his review: " Nonpareil improvisation from a trio of veteran players Live Constructions affirms that sparkling sonic adornments can be created modestly and with the mostly dulcet tones as well as briefly …".  Bill Donaldson in Cadence ended his review: "the results break through comfort zones and provide the energy of free improvisation that creates memorable jazz moments."                       


I believe this second volume sits comfortably alongside the 2017 recording.


New CD releases on SLAM, 25 January 2019.



"FACING INFINITY" SLAMCD 594  Barcode 5028386710127

ON Duet 

Nikolas Skordas soprano sax, tarogato, traditional flutes.

Alexandros Aivaliotis shakuhachi, hocchicu.

With guest Sophia Koroxenou, voice track 12.


This second SLAM CD by Nikolas Skordas (see SLAMCD 582 Ships and Shepherds with Alex Maguire) features him with fellow original improviser Alexandros Aivaliotis in the duo  "ON Duet", creating an intriguing and beautiful combination of textures and voices from a mixture of international cultures.


Nikolas and Alexandros write:

"The musical interaction between the mellow, inner, simple sound of the   Japanese  vertical flute, the shakuhachi, and the sharp, but also sweet sound of the soprano saxophone, the most wildcat of the sax family, creates an untold journey to unconventional places and times of the human experience.

Regarding the name of the duet,  we underline the multidimensional meaning of the word "on", (Greek: sentient being), the human entity, the concept of "is-be", inside us. The same phonetic sequence "on", in Japanese stands for "sound" (Jap: ), as the original form of the frequency creation through air. The above ideogram consists of two others, meaning "stand up" and "sun", as "the rising of the light".

Those two denotations present the concept of sound as something vivid, fresh and authentic, beyond the boundaries of common  knowledge and views about music.

East and west, together present a new musical proposal through a rare duet!

On the one hand, we have the soprano sax, an instrument capable to produce different voices, hard to play, weird and inexplicably indomitable but beautiful, a tool that requires full commitment and patience.

On the other hand, the old meditation tool of ancient Japan, a root end bamboo made flute with only five holes, one of the hardest traditional flutes to master, vibrates the atmosphere in a unique way, imitating even the human voice and producing sounds from the depth of the human existence. Listen!"




"ON A CLOUD" SLAMCD 595  Barcode 5028386710929


Diana Torti - voice

Sabino de Bari - classical guitar


The extraordinary jazz singer of the avant-guarde tradition Jeanne Lee has long been the subject of the music and literary works of Diana Torti, jazz singer and composer. This dedication marks the 80th year since the birth of Jeanne Lee on 29 January 1939 with the respect and admiration of one artist for another. It is the third SLAM CD to feature Diana Torti, this time as leader, following her work with Lucia Ianniello on SLAMCD 566 & 585.


Diana writes:

"On a Cloud" is a project born during a passionate music and vocal research focused on the figure of Jeanne Lee, wonderful singer of the avant-garde Jazz. She has been a courageous artist and pioneer of an innovative way of singing in Jazz music starting from the Sixties. The CD will be released on the occasion of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of her birth in January 2019 in homage to this extraordinary musician and poetess.

The repertoire draws on standards, improvisations and original compositions inspired by Jeanne Lee’s world of sounds. The choice of the duo, voice and classical guitar, is an ideal dimension to re-elaborate the poetic, refined and intimate atmosphere of Lee's music.

The ensemble that includes besides me (voice) also the guitarist and composer Sabino de Bari  (classical guitar), has over time developed and matured a consolidated artistic alchemy. In our music both improvisation and composition are experienced as an expressive possibility out of any stylistic connotation. Timbres, words, noises and breaths merge, chase or dance together freely, to evoke suggestions and sound images.




  1)  Misterioso (Thelonious Monk, Gertrude Stein, Diana Torti)   5:04

  2)  Straight Ahead (Abbey Lincoln)   4:13

  3)  Raskňlnikov (Sabino de Bari)   5:16

  4)  In These Last Days (Jeanne Lee)   3:58

  5)  The Man Of The Sea (Diana Torti)   5:30

  6)  The Seagulls Of Kristiansund (Mal Waldron)   8:12

  7)  Honeysuckle Rose (Fats Waller)  4:01

  8)  Fireflies (Diana Torti, Sabino de Bari)   3:43

  9)  On A Cloud (Diana Torti)   5:44

10)  Cavalcando (Diana Torti)   2:38




New CD releases on SLAM, 26 October 2018.

"ALCHERINGA" SLAMCD 591Barcode 5028386708728


Roberto Bellatalla – Double bass & bells Ivan Macera - Drums & percussions

Christian Muela - Didjeridoo & FX live set


1. Dreamtime story - 4:22

2. Chasing walkabout - 5:18

3. Ancient souls in the traffic - 2:49

4. Itchy grooves in city - 7:38

5. Breath, thrill and wet melody - 1:53

6. Voices of primitive technologies - 8:16

The Rome based trio Primitive Field, began life as a duo, with Christian Muela and Ivan Macer; bassist Roberto Bellatalla joined a couple of years ago to form the trio it is today. Since then they have performed extensively in clubs in and out of Rome and in March 2017 they recorded this album in Groovefarm Studio, Rome.

The trio makes use of traditional instruments like drum kit and a double bass, along with other more unusual devices like a telescopic tuneable didgeridoo, at times modified by the use of electronic devices, and a percussion set made out of stones and metal tools tuned to form xylophones, or shakers made with dried leaves and shells.

The music is entirely improvised, based on the ability to listen and a fervent creative vein. It stems from jazz, but moves further, in search of an original, different language that explores sound and tone.

To the trio every concert is an engaging journey into the unknown.

"AMORGOS"SLAMCD 592Barcode 5028386709220

The music of Ada Pitsou played by

Dionisis Vervitsiotis - violin,

Angelos Liakakis– cello,

Thodoros Kotepanos– piano,

Nikos Sidirokastritis - drums.


1) Mouros : 5:34

2) Giasemi : 4:47

3) Hora : 4:23

4) Agia Anna : 4:04

5) Hozoviotissa : 5:12

6) Agios Panteleimonas : 3:25

7) Seladi : 2:56

8) Tholaria : 5:43

9) Stroubos : 4:56

10) Potamos : 3:52

Amorgos is one of the most eastern Greek islands in the South Aegean Sea; it is the retreatwhere Ada Pitsou composes her music and the source of inspiration for this suite of ten instrumental pieces. Here in her music she conveys the beauty and inner aspect of the places she knows and loves ina discreet convergence of different stylistic forms of contemporary music.

To record the music she selected choice musicians who she felt would sympathise with her work.The recording and mastering was at Studio 19, Athens by Kostas Bokos.

"ENDLESS WORK" SLAMCD 593Barcode 5028386709725

Rino Adamo – violin and electronics

Sergio Corbini – piano, synthesizer

Stefano Franceschini – soprano, baritone saxes, alto clarinet and electronics on tracks 1 and 4.


1) FREE CELL (S.Franceschini) 9:21 2) SEI MESI DOPO (R.Adamo) 6:24 3) MATRICE C (S.Corbini) 5:00 4) TO KAFKA (S.Franceschini) 5:15 5) SE UNA NOTTE D’ESTATE (S.Corbini) 5:47 6) SYLVIE (R.Adamo) 7:53 7) ANAM (S.Franceschini) 5:45

"Musicians/composers of very different backgrounds bring together three musical worlds. As the title "endless work" suggests, it has taken time, not so much in the recording, but the maturation of each song. Each musician introduced himself to the composition of others, suggesting, stimulating new paths that the composer himself had not foreseen. This is noticeable even where the music is totally improvised creating a particular amalgam. The "sound" of the disc is really specific, due to both the combination of instruments and the use of electronics where it has not only a tonal function, but also a structural one. The songs form a work without end ... .where for a moment they stopped on disk, but that surely will evolve in the concerts that the trio will find to perform."Stefano Franceschini

July 2018

‘LiveConstructions’SLAMCD 589 Barcode:5028386707820

Daniel CarterTrumpet, Tenor Saxophone

Hilliard GreeneBass

David HaneyPiano

WKCR Radio based at Columbia University, New York, broadcasts a weekly Sunday evening show called ‘Live Constructions’ featuring live studio performances recorded specially for the show. The show focuses on new music, bringing together guests from the contemporary scene, often playing together for the first time. On ‘Live Constructions’, 12 November 2017 the Carter/Greene/Haney trio met and performed for the first time; a debut performance preserved here on CD.

David Haney writes:"I have found that some of the best music comes from first encounters. As per my usual style of collective improvisation - we don't discuss what we are going to play. Just as you wouldn't discuss what you are going to talk about, I see no need to talk about improvised music before or after it is performed. To me we are just talking."


ConstructionNumber One. 3:49 (Carter, Greene, Haney)

ConstructionNumber Two. 10:35 (Carter, Greene, Haney)

ConstructionNumber Three. 9:24 (Carter, Greene, Haney)

ConstructionNumber Four. 4:13 (Carter, Greene, Haney)

ConstructionNumber Five. 3:04 (Carter, Greene, Haney)

All Material Spontaneously Composed

Recorded on November 12, 2017 by Jenna Julianna Li, WKCR Radio,Columbia University,New York

Mixed and mastered by David Haney,Portland,Oregon

‘Hot & Fresh’SLAMCD 590Barcode: 5028386707929

LEGS 4et

Stefano Maimone: Electric Bass & Effects

Luigi Rinaldi: Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet

Enrico Smiderle: Drum & Percussions

Gabriele Carbone: Piano, Synth,Hammond, Vocoder

The progressive Italian quartet ‘LEGS 4et’ began life inBologna, 2015 as a project based on jazz but

recognising relevant influences such as funk, hip-hop and electronics.

Stefano Maimone’s inspiration in creating the group was born from his need to realise his stylistic research and to give voice to his musical vision, acknowledging the influences of his music mentors but never allowing them to prevail over his own style.

The pieces, written especially for this group, give room for expression to each member of the quartet, highlighting their musical characteristics and background.

Created in July 2017, ‘Hot & Fresh’ is a debut recording of surprising and fresh energy, deserving of recognition and appreciation.

Track details:

1. Moanin / Car in Flame (Charles Mingus / Stefano Maimone) 5.51min

2. Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk) 4.01min

3. Saturday (Stefano Maimone) 7.40min

4. Hot & fresh (Stefano Maimone) 8.12min

5.Sunrisein Ronc (Stefano Maimone) 2.24min

6. Morning in Ronc (Stefano Maimone) 9.30min

7. I remember you (dedicated to Fede) (Stefano Maimone / Gabriele Carbone) 8.17min

8. Freeze (Stefano Maimone) 5.52min

Recording details:

Date and place of recording:01/08/2017 Bologna (BO)Italy

Recording and Mixing engineer Gaddaman

Studio and Mastering @ Red Pill facility

‘The Way I Play’SLAMCD 2107Barcode:5028386708223


Recorded at Octopia Studios,Weymouth,UK.July 2012.

Esmond Selwyn received his initial training directly at the hands ofAmerica's very finest,

most revered and iconic pioneers of the modern jazz guitar, Chuck Wayne, Tal Farlow and George van Eps. Since those days he has carried out some thirty years of his own intense research and developmentdrawing much single line fluency and phraseology from the styles of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Joe Henderson as well as absorbing some of the harmonic concepts of Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock.

Fifteen years with saxist Don Rendell was a great opportunity to perfect his group jazz and accompaniment techniques, at the same time developing his individual solo style. As Steve Herbermansaid "His playing features an imaginative harmonic palette, lightning fast runs interjected between dense chordal textures and sensitive accompanying when playing with a group.The history of jazz guitar is present in his playing yet he looks towards modern jazz pianists to push the envelope."

Maurice Summerfield, author of "Barney Kessel, A Jazz Legend"added"Without doubt one of the best jazz guitar solo recordings I have heard in the last 60+ years.Great guitar sound combined with a wonderful mastery of the fingerboard...."


1 Misty (Garner)3:38

2 Blue Bossa (Dorham)3:52

3 Stardust (Carmichael2:52

4 Once in a While (Edwards) 5:11

5 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington)3:02

6 My Favourite Things (Hammerstein)6:04

7 Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke)2:39

8 Serenata (Parish) 3:46

9 Close Your Eyes (Petkere)1:09

10 Just Friends (Lewis)3:21

11 Cry me a River (Hamilton)1:58

12 Ain’t Misbehaving (Waller)3:33

13 Body and Soul (Green) 4:22

14 I only have Eyes for You (Bubin) 3:30

15 What’s New (Burke) 2:58

16 In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington)3:08

Recorded at Octopia Studios,Weymouth.July 2012 by Mike Hallet.

Mastered by Alan Broadbent.Produced by Rob Koral.

"Glowering Figs"   SLAMCD 2104   Barcode: 5028386704737 Glowering Figs: Dave Fowler (drums), Ivor Kallin (upright electric bass/vocal), Jerry Wigens (guitar)

The trio was formed in 2015 following the break-up of Horseless Headmen (soon after Kallin had acquired an electric upright bass) and Wigens’ departure from Astrakan. Fowler and Kallin already provided the powerhouse rhythm section of Ya Basta and had developed a close understanding over nearly three decades, while Kallin and Wigens knew each other from the London Improvisers Orchestra and a shared interest in the fortunes of Leyton Orient FC. It was here that the idea of the trio emerged during one half-time interval. A purely instrumental unit at the outset, the Figs would soon integrate Kallin’s unique vocal talents as part of their live set. The name ‘Glowering Figs’ derives from a loose amalgam of the letters in ‘Fowler’ and ‘Wigens’, an angrier option than the initial ‘hippier’ alternative, ‘Flowering Wigs’. The music in this recording is a selection of material from more than two hours of improvised live playing that took place on a one-day session in Autumn 2016.

"LIVE AT ACUTO JAZZ "  SLAMCD 585  Barcode  5028386702627 Lucia Ianniello C trumpet and objects; Diana Torti voice; Andrea Polinelli soprano & alto saxophones flute; Paolo Tombolesi keyboards; Cristina Patrizi electric bass.

"LIVE AT ACUTO JAZZ" is Lucia Ianniello’s second CD as a bandleader, produced on SLAM, a year and a half after her first one. This album is meant to close the circle of the music research around the figure of Horace Tapscott and the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (P.A.P.A.) which the trumpeter started tracing with her first CD "MAINTENANT" (SLAMCD 566). The new album is a live record made during the Acuto Jazz Festival (Fr), Italy, which took place in a fascinating setting of the Saint Sebastian’s Church, built in 12th century and richly frescoed in 16th century. It is a tribute to the founders and main protagonists of that lively artistic movement of the African-American community in Los Angeles, which developed in the last forty years of the 20th century. On this CD, in addition to her original compositions, there are songs from the P.A.P.A.’s repertoire, especially those of Horace Tapscott and Jesse Sharps, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq and Michael Session who Tapscott used to delegate to conduct the Arkestra in the ‘70s. There is also a song of pianist and singer, Linda Hill, one of the founders and a very active member of the movement of which the Arkestra was the musical and collective expression. The quintet gives an original interpretation of this repertoire. The arrangements are drumless while the voice (except for two songs with a text), is instrumental. There is a lot of space for collective improvisation and the research of music expression goes towards the timbre and melody, away from mere virtuosity.

"ANATMA"     SLAMCD 586   Barcode: 5028386703822

ANATMA: Rohan Dasgupta (Sitar), Luigi Di Chiappari (Piano), Riccardo Di Fiandra (Ac. Bass), Daniele Di Pentima (Drums).

The Sanskrit word Anatma means "non-self". This doctrine is the banner of this band, where each component brings his own expressive and musical contribution to the whole creative flow, without ever connotating himself in a soloist way.

All begins in 2015 when Daniele Di Pentima (drums) goes to Kolkata fascinated by the Indian musical culture and the rhythmical intricacies of tabla playing, where he meets Rohan Dasgupta (sitar). On this occasion, they find many common interests towards arts and a common sensitive way to feel the musical aesthetic. Daniele leaves India with a huge baggage of new motivations and ideas. In the meantime, he tries to project a way to combine Indian classical music with jazz, without subordinating one to the other and vice-versa. The first attempt of this project was on the occasion of Daniele's conservatory graduation, where he played supported by Riccardo Di Fiandra (bass) and Luigi Di Chiappari (piano) a few tunes picked from both Indian and jazz tradition, and where he exposed to the commission his thesis on how to blend this two different approaches to improvisation. The occasion to substantiate in the proper way these studies and works, comes in 2016 when Rohan goes in Europe.  Quickly, Daniele decides to book a recording studio in Rome and include Riccardo Di Fiandra and Luigi Di Chiappari in this project. The great interplay and friendship of the jazz trio allow Rohan to fit comfortably in a totally new musical world, where he feels free an inspring freedom of expression. The starting idea of the recording was to play on a particular Hindustani raga named "Lalit". Raga Lalit is a quite common raga in Indian Classical music: its time of playing refers to the very late night. After recording Raga Lalit, Daniele proposes a tune set on the same raga dedicated to the ragmala painting "Lalita". From now on all the remaining recordings are totally improvised in the recording studio without even organize on which raga or scale play on. The results are "Kolkatay stomp" inspired by a bass riff, "Bengal" a sweet ballad dedicated to this enchanting Indian region, "Lacrimosa", a thought to Paul Bley, and "Raga Zila Kafi" the last, where the band decides to play on a Dorian scale, incorporating a Kaoss Pad to simulate the classical Indian Tampura.


May 2017

"Floating Orange" SLAMCD 578  BARCODE 5028386701323

Szilárd Mezei – Jon Hemmersam Duo "Highly unified improvised chamber music, by two unique improvisers, creating a distinct sound journey, all their own ".

Danish guitarist Jon Hemmersam’s credits include an impressive catalogue of recordings with Bob Moses, David Liebman, Evelyn Glennie and many more. ‘Floating Orange’ is the seventh SLAM CD for violist Szilard Mezei, one of the labels most highly praised artists.

Hemmersam and Mezei have enjoyed a longstanding relationship in many different musical settings, including Szilard’s CD ‘Karszt’ (SLAMCD 550), however ‘Floating Orange’ is their first duo recording. The title was inspired by the CD’s artwork designed by Erzsébet Mezei, Szilard’s mother, an established visual artist working in various materials, including ceramics and felt.   The music here is improvised -  Jon Hemmersam describes it: "I feel that the music is really floating, and connecting on a very high level on this recording, and I do have images containing the colour orange when I listen to it....therefore it is floating orange to me and Szilard as well..."

"Eastern Shadows" SLAMCD 581   BARCODE 5028386701224

DIMITAR LIOLEV QUARTET Dimitar Liolev alto sax, Martin Tashev trumpet and flugelhorn, Massimiliano Rolf double bass, Dimitar Semov drums.

Young Bulgarian composer and saxophonist Dimitar Liolev' aims to mix rhythms and ornaments of Balkan folk and the most authentic jazz idiom, with an impressive avantgarde and creative aproach. The strong rhythmic Bulgarian heritage and the creative and collective jazz improvisation together create an outstanding and quite unique band on the modern european jazz. Liolev's new cd "Eastern Shadows" following his first album "The other side" (BlueArt, 2012) and the second one"Rhodopology"(Music Clinic Records, 2015) , presents original compositions performed by some of the most well-known musicians of Balkan area, Tashev and Semov. With the international jazz experience of Italian bassist Massimiliano Rolff the music is a constant flow of energy.


"Ships and Shepherds"  SLAMCD 582 BARCODE 5028386701729

Alex Maguire and Nikolas Skordas Duo Alex Maguire: piano, Nikolas Skordas: tenor and soprano saxophones, gaida (bagpipe), tarogato, flutes, bells, whistles. Special guests: Don Stavrinos: trumpet, flugelhorn & Stathis Diamantidis: double bass.

The Maguire/Skordas duo came out of a chance meeting at a gig when Alex was playing in Athens, April 2016. Later the same year Alex returned to Greece to explore possibilities of the duo; this CD, recorded live in Athens, is testament to its success.

Alex describes it: "Songs of the land and the sea, journeys from afar and journeys within are the themes of 'Ships and Shepherds', the debut recording of the Alex Maguire-Nikolas Skordas duo. From Odysseus, the archetypal "man of twists and turns", to the immovable monasteries and hermitages of Greek orthodoxy, a new voice emerges where ancient melodies and instruments join contemporary improvisatory models to forge a modern spiritual music which touches both the heart and mind."


PIPPO LIONNI : Spackle knife painting sounds and piano, SERGIO CORBINI : Piano, synthesizer, electroncs, STEFANO FRANCESCHINI : Soprano & baritone saxes, electronics.

ACTIONREACTION is an interactive project at the conjunction between the abstract painting of Pippo Lionni and the contemporary music of Sergio Corbini and Stefano Franceschini. On the floor of the studio, Lionni uses spackle knives to paint large scale black and white canvasses. The recorded sounds of the painting process structure the acoustic and electronic works that Corbini and Franceschini are composing while reading the abstract forms of the painting as if a musical score. The creative process continues when the composed music fills the studio energizing the next painting session in the cycle. Each final composition is a stratification of paint and sound layers. Thus, while the creative process is constantly evolving, the basic idea is that the painting has both a visual and audio form, and musical composition is at the same time influencing and being influenced by the painting - giving the name ACTIONREACTION. The record ACTIONREACTION 1 brings together 7 unique pieces created in 2016 in Chianti Italy. More information, and associated paintings and films are available at and


January 2017

Q SESSIONS  SLAMCD 576   Barcode: 50 28386 62132 4

David Haney piano; Jorge Hernaez bass; David Bagda, guitar.

A double CD release where three composers improvise on two recordings from Argentina in 2015. Haney and Hernaez have worked together regularly since 2002, performing in the USA, Argentina and Chile. Disc One, of the Q Sessions double CD package, is a live recording of this duo at the 2015 Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival. On Disc Two, guitarist David Bajda joins the duo in concert in Mendoza. All the material is spontaneously composed. 

David Haney’s fourth SLAM CD release, ‘Q Sessions’, gives an insight into his long standing collaboration with Argentine musicians, in particular Jorge Hernaez.

He writes: "In 2002, I was invited by jazz photographer, Jorge Lardone to perform in concerts throughout Argentina. He wrote to me that I would not get rich off the tour, but I would be treated very well. Fourteen years have passed and seven trips to Argentina have enriched my life and my artistry. The common thread in all of my trips has been my collaborations with bassist Jorge Hernaez. In 2002, we became friends, and over the years we have honed our love of instant composing into an art form. You don't go to Argentina to get famous, you go there to rescue your soul and to rediscover your passion."


Nem füstöl a zentaji gyár kéménye

Nem fustol a zentaji gyar kemenye


SLAMCD 579  Barcode: 50 28386 70022 7


Born and living in Serbia, Szilard Mezai’s cultural heritage is truly Hungarian with a burning passion for the music of that country. This double CD is an outcome of his work with Hungarian folk music and is produced with the support of The Institute for Hungarian Culture in Vojvodina (Zavod za kulturu vojvođanskih Mađara). The music is what Szilard calls ‘living folk music’ where all the themes are Hungarian folk songs from Vojvodina arranged for his group assembled specifically for the project.

The title of the CD and of the first track, ‘Nem füstöl a zentaji gyár kéménye’  translates into English as ’There's no smoke coming from the chimney of Zenta’s factory’.     


MAHA SAMADHI    SLAMCD 2105   Barcode: 50 28386 62232 1



With his brass project "Maha Samadhi" Dunmall takes a rare step into the world of composition; the suite is based on episodes from the life of Sri Ramakrishna, 19th century Indian mystic and yogi. Paul’s recent CDs on SLAM have defined his Coltrane interests and influences; the choice of the brass project picks up further on his love of everything Coltrane.

Paul writes: "I've been wanting to do a brass project for many years and finally I got the chance. I've enjoyed writing for it and have had some very positive feedback so maybe this will encourage me to do more writing in the future."



September 2016

UNDERGROUND UNDERGROUND SLAMCD 2101   Barcode: 50 28386  63452 2 Paul Dunmall Quartet Paul Dunmall saxophone, Howard Cottle saxophone, Olie Brice bass, Tony Bianco drums. Paul Dunmall’s trilogy* previously released on SLAM left no doubt of Dunmall’s dedication to Coltrane’s music. He writes: ‘Coltrane's music still has such a powerful impact on all musicians even today 50 odd years later. I will certainly never tire of it. You can hear his influence all through "Underground Underground"’ This time the music is composed by Dunmall, inspired by Coltrane ~ specifically by the Coltrane classic album ‘Sunship’ 

*SLAMCD 290  Thank You to John Coltrane

 SLAMCD 292  Tribute to Coltrane

 SLAMCD 296  Homage to Coltrane

Hymns for Robots SLAMCD 2103  Barcode: 50 28386 62002 2 Unschooled Mark Hanslip tenor sax, Barry Edwards guitar, Ed Gauden drums. The three members of ‘UNschooLED’ studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire and were drawn together by their common musical preferences. Ed Gauden was the main ‘instigator’ but the trio did not have a ‘leader’ as such, working as a sort of mini collective creating their own brand of collective improvisation. Ed says:  "This music is the result of us just getting together and playing, nothing was said before we played and little after"

Canzoni in Scatola (Songs in a Box) SLAMCD 573   Barcode: 502838663832 2 TONI GERMANI QUARTET Toni Germani, alto sax and vocal; Giovanni Ceccarelli, piano; Mauro Gargano, double bass; Patrick Goraguer, drums. This new CD by Toni Germani, his ninth as a leader and the first to appear on the SLAM label, presents a trio of sensitive musicians based in Paris, France. Germani writes: "It confirms my love for the melody with accompaniment, considered as the main way to express an intimate relationship between experience of life and experience of music. In fact, the approach is basically "expressionist" and narrative, because the improvisation is conceived as a variation on and a development of the expressive mood affirmed by the theme. But the chant’s eruption must be stopped, at a certain point, the song must end and the form claims its part: so the songs are closed … in a box."

STRADE      SLAMCD 574   Barcode: 5028386619925


Giovanni Ferri – alto saxophone; Mirco Ballabene – double bass, electronics; Mirco Bindelli – drums, percussions

The STRADE project's objective is to experiment shamelessly heterogeneous sounds, from geographical latitudes and different musical genres. The idea basically is to tell stories, because the tracks are constructed as narratives in the making, that are in the musical development of a possible interpretation of "movement".

Giovanni Ferri is an artist who works in theatre, visual arts , and also produces musical performances with alto sax in a more or less radical improvisational contexts , realizing projects in Italy and Japan

Mirco Ballabene plays with different improvisation and jazz ensembles. In 2011 he recorded the album "Věreo" for the label Aktivraum, with Fabio Mina on flutes and Danilo Rinaldi on drums, and featuring Markus Stockhausen. In 2015 SLAM Productions released the first Triologos album, "traces of chants", a project with Paolo and Bruno Cerboni Bajardi. In 2015 he plays in the "Anthony Braxton's Sonic Genome" in Turin. He studied with Silvia Bolognesi, Stefano Battaglia, Matt Brewer and Matt Mitchell. 

Mirco Bindelli began playing drums in 1992 at the age of 14 years as a self-taught , later began studying with Maestro Adriano Pedini, which , over seven years he faces different stylistic genres and explores the jazz improvisation technique. From 2000 to 2010 took part in seminars and master classes with the drummer Massimo Manzi, Hellas Bandini , Carl Palmer , Jan Paice , Paul Motian , Peter Erskine , Horacio " El Negro " Hernandez .


Of Strings and Bridges   SLAMCD 577   Barcode: 50 28386 62142 3 'MU’ Adriano Lanzi  - amplified acoustic guitar, effects; Federica Vecchio – cello "MU" started to explore the interaction of cello and guitar in 2015, keeping the instruments in their most naked and purely acoustic dimension. A very minimal use of electronics became part of the game along the way. Their music is equally shaped by free improvisation and by compositional process (the latter in various degrees of strictness and openness), so they draw from their different musical idioms and backgrounds and revisit them with a freshness and freedom that would not be possible otherwise. Adriano Lanzi has been playing with the rockjazz quartet El Topo, with the electroacoustic trio K-Mundi, with "rock in opposition" veteran Geoff Leigh, and with west african griot Siriman Kanoutč, among others. Perugia Conservatory graduate Federica Vecchio has been a member of Symphonica Nova Ars orchestra; she took part in movie soundtrack recordings with the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema, and she  is currently performing with Musicomici trio, with the post rock band ET//AL, with the Sharareh String Quartet. 


May 2016

Maresia    SLAMCD 331          BARCODE  5028386633020 George Haslam (Clarinet and Tarogato), Mario Rua (Drums) 

It was like that scene from The Benny Goodman Story where Goodman calls at a café and the proprietor happens to be Lionel Hampton – a bit far fetched but here I was in the Taberna do Vilarinho , Lisbon. I had no idea the chef was a brilliant drummer – Mario Rua. Manager Diogo Teixeira Lopes and mutual friend Miguel Martins introduced us and arranged the recording session before a live audience in the taberna. Maresia is a Portuguese sea breeze; the track titles are names of coastal locations in Portugal and (Fleetwood) in England.

Subjects and Structures   SLAMCD 2102   BARCODE: 5028386636229 Six-In-One:  Bruce Coates sopranino, soprano saxes, Paul Dunmall tenor Sax, Corey Mwamba vibraphone and recorder, Walt Shaw percussion and electronics, Seth Bennett bass, Mark Sanders drums.

Six-in-one was comprised of six musicians chosen by artists Walt Shaw and Andrew Coates for their imaginative and executive skills and their expertise in the field of freely improvised music, to celebrate the final night of their exhibition of relief and constructed sculpture 'Subjects and Structures'. The title of the band was determined after the event in response to the inclusion of a found '3 In ONE' oil can as an element in one of the works. This recording celebrates both the richness and complexity of improvisation, as well as reflecting similar open-ended processes of working by which the artworks achieved their uniqueness.

Under a Different Sky     SLAMCD 570     BARCODE  5028386635925 Leonid Vintskevich (piano), Steve Kershaw (bass), Nick Vintskevich(saxes).

 The tunes on Under a Different Sky all reflect the lives, interests, influences and communal experiences of the trio. Forgotten Melody – Leonid’s meditation on half-remembered musical fragments; The Waltz of the Young Turks – inspired by a distinctive clapping rhythm banged out by drinkers in a bar in Bergama in Turkey; One Moment – a lyrical reflection on the Chernozem (‘Black Earth’) and big skies of Nick’s homeland; Face Kontrol – sharing the feelings you have outside Moscow nightclubs, where the ‘Face Kontrol’ official won’t let you in unless you are beautiful; Russian Ornament – party time on the Russian steppe with the workers, Stravinsky and home-made vodka; Sarabande – Steve’s take on Claude Debussy’s stately jazz-inflected dance in triple metre; Under a Different Sky – a solo bass improvisation (no overdubs or studio trickery here) inspired by Boudicca’s harangue to the warriors of the Ancient British Iceni tribe; Stabat Mater – dark bass melodies matching the Latin words of  a 13th-century hymn to Mary (Stabat mater dolorosa / juxta Crucem lacrimosa / dum pendebat Filius) with tolling bell-chimes from the piano; The Mad Dog and the Englishman – a walk in the English countryside with the composer and his English Springer Spaniel. 

Duets of a Fool    SLAMCD 571          BARCODE  5028386636021

Sebastiano Dessanay double bass with guests. The Sardinian double bassist has collected some recently recorded musical dialogues with important artists he came across with during his musical career.


If it is possible to tell a story made of artistic stages, relationships and reference points through an album, then this is very evident in Duets Of A Fool, the new album by double bassist Sebastiano Dessanay, released by SLAM Productions label, the UK based label with which he has already released two other works. The eleven tracks are duets swinging between improvisation and composition, which explore, remember, celebrate and throw new ideas for the future. Recurring phrases, circular elements and great musicality permeate this album: "The duets are intentionally short", says the Sardinian Birmingham-based double bassist, "Although completely improvised, they tend to a form and to the recall of musical elements typical of written music".

All the ten artists that converse with him, one for each track, have been part of his artistic career. A conversation within himself is added: the two fools of the opening track are just two self-deprecating facets of the bassist, as in a monologue at the mirror. The artists featured in the album range from new generation talents such as the Italian trumpeter Fulvio Sigurtŕ to established names of the British free jazz scene such as Paul Dunmall and Mark Sanders. There are several artists from Sardinia, where Dessanay started as a bass player: pianist Sebastiano Meloni, who uses improvisation as his main artistic device, classical-contemporary guitar player Francesco Morittu and jazz pianist Augusto Pirodda, who recorded with Paul Motian e Gary Peacock. And the UK-based artists that have collaborated with Dessanay in the past few years: Scottish sax player Rachael Cohen, London Sinfonietta oboist Melinda Maxwell and clarinetist and songwriter Jack McNeill.

To bring them together was the natural evolution of some studio recording sessions with many of them. "I liked the idea of having a minimalist improvised album, with only two instruments per track", the bassist says, "so I started thinking who to invite. Then I started recording duets over the years. The thread was to create some timbral variety around the double bass, looking for diverse instruments. Some duets are single takes, while for others I have merged short takes into mini-suites."  As in his previous works, Dessanay is always searching for balance by displacing the elements into a perfect symmetry: while the opening and closing tracks refer to the fools, the track which breaks the work in two also breaks the sequence of instruments by using a poem by W.B. Yeats (recorded in 2015, the 150th anniversary from the poet's birth) read by composer and multi-instrumentalist Howard Skempton, also co-founder of the Scratch Orchestra.

Silvana Porcu


PEGASYS           SLAMCD 572          BARCODE  5028386636120

Errico De Fabritiis (alto sax), Biagio Orlandi (soprano sax, tenor sax), Francesco Lo Cascio (vibraphone), Gianfranco Tedeschi (double bass), Cristiano De Fabritiis (drums).


Pegasys is a group of musicians who decided to make a collective search through the possibilities offered by composition and free improvisation. The outcome of this choice is a double cd, two discs proposing two different musical approaches. The "Yellow Disc" collects a series of free improvisations titled "Composition #", to point out their sense of impromptu collective compositions. The "Red Disc" contains instead compositions by single members of the group. Here the sensibility of the authors emerge as well as the different composition techniques, filtered and worked out by the ensemble through individual and collective choices. As Giancarlo Schiaffini highly sums up in the liner notes, "Improvisation is an instant composition and composition is a delayed improvisation".


January 2016

Derengé/Dawn    SLAMCD 565  Barcode:   5999883043172  Double CD. Compositions of György Szabados played by The Grencsó Open Collective. István Grencsó reeds, Máté Pozsár piano, Róbert Benkö bass, Szilveszter Miklós pcn. With Guests Szilárd Mezei, Ádám Meggtes, Ábel Fazekas and Gergö Kovás.

Throughout the 1980’s I played extensively in Hungary for the National Radio and many jazz festivals; one of my outstanding memories is the excitement of hearing the groups of György Szabados live in concert and at festivals. Like Bartok before him, but following a different strain, Szabados’ work is much influenced by Hungarian folk music and has found its own recognised place in the culture of that country.

When the Hungarian label ‘Hunnia’ told me of this double CD project and invited SLAM in a joint production I had no hesitation in accepting and I could not be more pleased with the result.                                                                          George Haslam


Stix and Stones  SLAMCD 567  Barcode:   5028386633833

Pianist David Haney in a series of duets with some of his favourite drummers: Bernard Purdie, Han Bennink, Giovanni Barcello, Marvin "Bugalu" Smith and Jimmy Bennington.

One of the most inventive pianists in USA, David Haney probes the potentials and the challenges of the piano/drums duo.

"Stix and Stones represents a collection of duets from the past 10 years featuring a few of the drummers that I really love to work with.  I'm always fascinated at the range of style and technique that drummers display. Playing the drums is not about holding down the beat, and it's a huge pleasure to work with a variety of styles.  When I work in duet with drummers I get so many ideas in terms of rhythm, dynamics, etc and that propels me to play harder and play more like a drummer than a pianist."      David Haney


MORE STEPS  SLAMCD 568  Barcode:   5028386634720

 JORGE CABADAS   Solo guitar "More Steps  is another stage in my quest as a soloist in the field of real time composition. In the 21st century, I am humbly attempting to pick up the baton of previous masters: Bach, Bartok , Cage, Ornette , AMM , Lester Bowie, etc.   It is also a journey through my very own personal 'mikrokosmos’. I intend to find an order in the random by taking the structures arising from the immediate to a point of rest and conclusion.It essentially has to do with wanting to shape the random ."

So writes Jorge Cabadas – and I believe it reflects the thoughts and ideas of many contemporary improvising musician in expressing views on what they are doing and where they see themselves now and tomorrow.

Fehér virág / White Flower  SLAMCD 569  Barcode:   5028386634829

Szilárd Mezei Flute & Strings Trio ~ Szilárd MEZEI – viola, kaval, Svetlana NOVAKOVIĆ – flute, Maja RADOVANLIJA – acoustic guitar

The Flute and Strings Trio was originally assembled in 2005 in Novi Sad, Serbia – the pure textures of viola, flute and acoustic guitar proving to be an enchanting combination. This recording was actually made in the early days of the trio, which was fortunate because since then Maja Radovanlija has moved to live in USA and Svetlana Novaković in Slovenia resulting in few opportunties for the trio to perfor

Composer Szilárd Mezei describes: "Music of the trio moves from completely free improvisation over dramaturgical compositional techniques to fully-written compositions. These compositions are mostly written with aleatoric technique, and despite the fact that it is a composition, due to the aleatory sonority it is very close to improvised music, but with clearer melodic, rhythmic and harmonic terms than in a completely improvised music. In addition to the collective playing, solos and duets play a big role in the program of the trio."

October 2015


Han-earl Park UK Tour supported by SLAM


Han-earl Park/Dominic Lash/Mark Sanders/Caroline Pugh on tour, England, December 2015.


SLAM is pleased to support a short UK tour by Han-earl Park’s latest project. We are advised:

"Expect playful, noisy and inventive musical interactions as the cyborgian virtuoso guitarist Han-earl Park performs with double bassist Dominic Lash, drummer Mark

Sanders, and vocalist, electronics performer and performance artist Caroline Pugh"


The quartet will play in Birmingham 1 December, Bristol 2 December and London 3 December.


Park appears on three SLAM recordings including, most recently, Anomic Aphasia (SLAMCD 559: "☆☆☆☆½" All About Jazz, "☆☆☆☆" Free Jazz), and Sanders is featured on Cherry Pickin’ (SLAMCD 294) among many others.


More information:



R & B    SLAMCD 2100  Barcode: 5028386633228

Jaki Byard piano and alto sax; Howard Riley piano.

In 1984 Howard Riley played a concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall with Jaki Byard – the live recording was released on vinyl by Leo Records (LR133) and later on CD (SLAMCD 215). The following year Jaki Byard returned to UK and the duo was re-united at Pendley Manor Jazz Festival; this much anticipated return was also recorded and 30 years later is now available for the first time on this new CD. The programme is an eclectic mix of jazz standards, ballads and improvised music and it’s a great privilege for SLAM to present this classic performance.



OI DIALOGOI SLAMCD 555  Barcode: 5028386055525

I Giganti Della Montagna

The trio ‘I Giganti Della Montagna’, founded in 2012 by Sicilian saxophonist and composer Ferdinando D'Urso with pianist Lorenzo Paesani and cellist Federico Sconosciuto, first appeared on SLAM in 2013 with "L'Arsenale delle apparizioni" (SLAMCD 548).

Ferdinando D'Urso writes: For this occasion, the trio has chosen to invite a very important guest: the multi-instrumentalist Stefano Maltese. The music played in this album is a sequence of short themes that space out extended improvised sections. It is an experiment of co-creation of the musical event in the structure of a dialogue. With this second CD, thanks to the advice given by Stefano Maltese, I Giganti della Montagna try again to obtain that perfect mix of Western Art Music and jazz improvisation that we could call – in Gunther Schuller’s words – "third stream".


MAINTENANT  SLAMCD 566  Barcode:   5028386633327

Lucia Ianniello Quartet

Lucia Ianniello  Bb and C trumpet, flugelhorn, effects and objects; Diana Torti  voice; Giuseppe La Spina  guitars; Paolo Tombolesi  keyboards, acoustic bass and percussion.

 "Maintenant" is Lucia Ianniello’s first CD as leader: although a jazz trumpeter by training, she is very open to experimentation in other musical areas, including the creation of multidisciplinary projects. This album is a work of auditory images, atmospheres and soundscapes, some visionary, with particular exploration of melody and timbre. Extended passages of collective improvisation are conceived as contrapuntal layering of sounds.
The quartet offers a ‘sound chamber’ obtained, despite a significant presence of electronic instruments and effects, through the trumpeter’s arrangements, characterized by the absence of drums and the use of the instrumental voice without text. However, the underlying philosophy of this work is expressed, beyond the stylistic and formal aspects, in an effort to focus on the urgency of expression and the human relationship between the musicians, away from any form of complacency.


JULY 2015

HOMAGE TO COLTRANE SLAMCD 296   Barcode: 5028386632320

Paul Dunmall tenor saxophone, flute, saxello; Tony Bianco drums.

The authoritative collection and performance of the music of Coltrane undertaken by Dunmall and Bianco over the past 5 years is completed by this DOUBLE CD. Appropriately the final disc displays the added energy and reality of a live performance.

Paul says "with the release of my 3rd tribute CD to Coltrane I feel my wonderful journey focusing on his music is complete. It has been a very joyful experience and given me a great sense of fulfilment and satisfaction."

I believe this final volume, together with the duo’s two earlier discs ‘Thank You to John Coltrane’ (SLAMCD 290) and ‘Tribute to John Coltrane’ (SLAMCD 292) will be recognised as one of the most sincere and genuine opuses celebrating and documenting the Coltrane legacy.


PRIMO  SLAMCD 564  Barcode: 5028386632924


Improgressive consists of Alberto Popolla (clarinets) and Errico Defabritiis (saxophones) a longstanding Italian reeds duo whose work is deliberately inspired by the work of a bunch of British Rock musicians and composers known as the core of the 70's Canterbury music scene. Their first disc is the result of a massive arrangement work of some of the most peculiar compositions by progressive heroes such as Hugh Hopper, Daevid Allen, Kevin Ayers, Phil Milller and Robert Wyatt plus a couple of "extra" numbers chosen from the early King Crimson repertoire. Popolla's imaginative arrangements tend to explore new relationships between melodies, harmonies and rhythms derived from songs and musics originally conceived for Rock bands like Soft Machine, Hatfield and the North, Caravan and Mathing Mole. An incredibly varied, complex body of music, intelligently adapted to a new, essential sound format where Errico Defabritiis appears as the perfect counterpoint within a passionate and tight instrumental dialogue. Improgressive bears a newly rediscovered poetic world capable of leaving an unmistakable mark on those fortunate to hear it 


APRIL 2015

The Spirit Farm SLAMCD 299. BARCODE 5028386630623


Adam Fairhall

Adam Fairhall: grand piano, prepared Hohner Pianet T, prepared toy piano, indian harmonium

Christophe de Bezenac: tenor saxophone, Anton Hunter: electric guitar, Johnny Hunter: drums, Dave Kane: double bass, Corey Mwamba: vibraphone, glockenspiel, dulcimer, wooden flute



‘The Spirit Farm' features some of the most talked-about improvisers on the currentUK scene. They build onprevious instrumental approachesin fascinating ways; the upside-down use of the bass bow, often heard in free improv,is used here to beat out a haunting riff like a 21st century diddley bow,and the post-cage piano preparations so common among free pianists isapplied to a vintage electric piano.

Like Adam Fairhall's first SLAM CD ‘The Imaginary Delta', (SLAMCD 289) this new release is also a live recording, with all the risks and excitement that offers.

‘The Imaginary Delta' "An album of outstanding scope and vision. co-Pick of the Week". "Inventive music that echoes the spirit of Charles Mingus". The Bird is the Worm 2012 Album of the Year.



Suiteof Dreams SLAMCD 330 BARCODE 5028386033028

The OxJaMS Trio George Haslam: Baritone saxophone, clarinet and tarogato Richard Leigh Harris: Piano and keyboards Steve Kershaw: Double bass and electronics

In 2005 we started the ‘Oxford Jazz Masters Series' – the idea being to invite contemporary jazz musicians to play in Oxford, originally in the Holywell Music Room. The HMR hire charge later spiralled way out of reach of our finances but other suitable venues have been found, notably the Burton Taylor Studio, a part of the Oxford Playhouse complex.

We have been fortunate enough to receive sponsorship through the Jazz Services/PRS Promoters Awards fund, enabling us to present many top UK artists as well as musicians from Argentina, Estonia, Cuba and Italy. Constant throughout the 10 years has been the OxJaMS Trio – Richard Leigh Harris piano, Steve Kershaw bass and myself reeds. Several OxJaMS concerts were recorded and released on CD, including Lol Coxhill, Harry Beckett and Stefano Pastor. For a long time we talked about recording the trio alone, eventually going for it in the newly opened HSO Studio, Oxford in April 2014. This CD is the result – we preserved the music in the order it was played as the day passed; one decision we did make before recording was to explore all combinations of duos, solos and trio.

I travel extensively with my music, improvising and often recording with musicians I meet for the first time. It is very interesting the difference one feels when working with musicians and groups one has played with over longer periods. Both have their appeal, the development and familiarity of the longer term group and the unknown adventures with new partners but I feel the music here reflects a cohesiveness which I enjoyed very much.



Tracce Di Canti Traces Of Chants

SLAMCD 562 Barcode: 5028386630524




Paolo Cerboni Bajardi; tenor and soprano saxophones

Bruno Cerboni Bajardi; percussion

Mirco Ballabene; double bass

A collection of eight ethnic-based compositions from seven different countries by a trio of conventional form – sax, bass, drums, but with a very distinctive approach to their music. Each member has a positive role in the music creation, resulting in a style of performance that grabs the listener's interest on different layers. The inventiveness of the percussion and bass complementing and enveloping the saxophone lines.

This collection, recorded August 2014, is the outcome of years of work by the trio towards a fresh style of world music in jazz.


Tasting Beauty SLAMCD 563 Barcode: 5028386630722


Giancarlo Mazzú, guitar; Luciano Troja, piano.


Following their selection of jazz standards on "Live at the Metropolitan, NYC" (SLAMCD 545), Mazzú and Troja return with a new selection of their original compositions on this their third SLAM CD.

The programme of ten originals represents a sort of travelogue on the musicians' experiences playing together more than ten years, during which time they have actually produced eight CDs in duo, trio and quartet formats; a dedication to places, people and impressions that have inspired Giancarlo and Luciano over the years.

The music shows a true love for the jazz tradition, the spontaneous composition, the song form and the blues; track 4, "Qui" also remembering their Southern Italy roots.


"Anomic Aphasia" SLAMCD 559. BARCODE 5028386628323


Han-earl Park Quartet

Han-earl Park: guitar

Catherine Sikora: tenor and soprano saxophones

Nick Didkovsky: guitar (tracks 1 and 5)

Josh Sinton: baritone saxophone and bass clarinet (tracks 2, 3 and 4)


"Anomic Aphasia" is the third SLAM CD by Han-earl Park (following SLAMCD 528 "Mathilde 253" with Charles Hayward, Ian Smith and guest Lol Coxhill, and SLAM CD 531 "io 0.0.1 beta++" with Bruce Coates, Franziska Schroeder and the eponymous machine improviser) and traces his developing project of the intervening 3 years.

Of this he writes:

"Anomic Aphasia documents two New York-based projects: the noisy, unruly complexity of the ensemble Eris 136199; and the interactive playbook Metis 9, a collection of improvisative tactics. Guitarists Han-earl Park (Mathilde 253) and Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve), and reedists Catherine Sikora (Clockwork Mercury) and Josh Sinton (Ideal Bread) render a space of unexpected collisions, weaving orbital paths, and playful discord."




"Beginner's State Of Mind"

SLAMCD 561. BARCODE 5028386628422


Paolo Porta Trio

Paolo Porta : tenor sax

Alessandro Maiorino: bass

Alessandro Minetto: drums


The Paolo Porta Trio has worked together for over 20 years and now, we are very pleased to present their music on their first CD for SLAM. When musicians have opportunity to work together over longer periods the group perception and commonality of ideas is evident in the music; the ‘PP3' is no exception.

The trio represents something different among the modern jazz Italian community. These three authentic musicians with a past studded with important collaborations show strong foundations in the jazz idiom and a deep knowledge of the tradition of this essential format, while living in the present and leaping over the boundaries of genres. Instead of the soloist-backed-by-the-rhythm-section type of hierarchy, everyone play an equal role and each one's individual ideas are mutually elaborated to convey a coherent sound. Paolo Porta 3 music flows in a dynamic synthesis of rhythms, lines and textures, in an intense, outright, impressive balance of composition and improvisation.

"Beginner's State of Mind" (SLAMCD 561), the trio's first release on SLAM, fits well in SLAM's policy of preserving important developments in contemporary jazz.



"Taschendrache" SLAMCD 298. BARCODE 5028386029823


Irene Kepl violin and electronics; Mark Holub drums.

New Jersey born Mark Holub first appeared on SLAM 10 years ago on the best selling CD ‘ARBORETUM' (SLAMCD 261) by his ground breaking quartet ‘Led Bib'. This new album showcases him in an improvised duo setting with renowned Austrian violinist Irene Kepl.


'Taschendrache' delves deep into all of the sonic possibilities that this unusual duo instrumentation can offer, moving from delicate pastoral sections to heavy grooving to more abstract improvisation and electronics. Before recording, this duo had already carefully honed their sound through concerts at clubs and festivals across Austria, and it shows. One can here the intense interplay between the two players as if they always know where the other one is headed. With the release of their first album together, there promises to be even further development, with more continental European touring scheduled in 2015 and a UK tour in April 2015.


Of his new recording ‘Taschendrache' Mark writes:

"Irene was one of the first people I played with after relocating to Vienna from London in 2012. We met after I heard her with her string quartet and immediately hit it off musically, but it wasn't obviously clear what exactly we were going to do together. After a few plays as a duo, it dawned on us that this was a great sound to explore. Playing in duo is always an exciting prospect, a chance to have a proper musical dialogue with just one person, but also it allows you to fully have the space to explore your own sound-world because of the openness in sound that a duo can bring. With this particular duo, with its slightly unusual instrumentation, the aforementioned things are of course true, but it also has the excitement that derives from it being an instrumental combo that is rarely heard which helps to enable us to approach it afresh each time, without preconceptions of what the music could or should sound like.


With the actual recording process I think we were able to capture the various approaches of the duo, from freewheeling grooves, to abstract noise to beautiful soundscapes, and I look forward to continue working and developing this duo."



"Sides" SLAMCD 557. BARCODE 5028386055723


Erika Dagnino Trio


Erika Dagnino poetry, voice; Ken Filiano double bass, effects; Satoshi Takeishi percussion.


SLAM Productions is glad to present the bilingual poetry music work of the Erika Dagnino Trio: the very talented Italian poet together with two American New York City based amazing musicians, Ken Filiano and Satoshi Takeishi.


Sides was recorded on 12th July 2013 in Brooklyn, and it blends in a very powerful and beautiful connection the strong and kaleidoscopic images of Erika Dagnino's poetry, the intense lucidity of Satoshi Takeishi's percussion and the strength of the vision of Ken Filiano's bass.

The booklet accompanying the CD presents a completely new collection of Dagnino's works in English as well as their original Italian language.



"Vampyroteuthis Infernalis" SLAMCD 558. BARCODE 5028386155829


Luiz Moretto Quintet


Luiz Moretto – violin & rabeca; Alípio C Neto – tenor & soprano saxophone, Brazilian bells, whistles; Francesco Lo Cascio – vibraphone, percussion; Gianfranco Tedeschi – double bass;

Marco Ariano – drums, percussion.

Brazilian Luiz Moretto moved to Portugal in 2000 working with Lisbon's African communities; he has worked with saxophonist Alípio C Neto almost a decade. The Vampire Squid from the deep sea (Vampyroteuthis Infernalis) is a metaphor of the actual components not included in the production of the mainstream aesthetics of modernity. It represents the forces under the human flows in a perception of all events occurred on the surface, creating a blend of magnificent and tragic encounters amongst different people and cultures producing unique musical expressions. The compositions are inspired on rhythms of Afro-Brazilian music giving the necessary freedom for intense improvisational interplays. It was Alípio's idea to invite experienced musicians from within the Italian free jazz culture, namely Francesco Lo Cascio, Gianfranco Tedeschi and Marco Ariano, whose combined experience and creativity pervade the music.


Moretto has been a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at King's College London since 2012; together with his studies of musicians in rural areas of Brazil, this work shows in his fusion of the Afro-Brazilian rabeca (fiddle) and the free jazz aesthetics.



"Waiting for Injection" SLAMCD 560. BARCODE 5028386056027


ClockWork Groove


Alessia Serina Pinto: Soprano and Tenor Sax; Ferdinando D'Urso: Alto and Baritone Sax, Piano; Marco Pometti: Guitars; Davide Giovanni Pometti: Double Bass and Electric Bass;

Luigi Perticone: Drums.


Clockwork Groove is the name of the quintet founded by the bassist and composer Davide Giovanni Pometti in 2012 with saxophonists Alessia Serina Pinto and Ferdinando D'Urso, guitarist Marco Pometti and drummer Luigi Perticone. "Waiting for Injection" is their first work as a group.

The music recorded in this album by Clockwork Groove contains several elements derived from many kinds of music: it is possible to find jazz-rock, fusion, ingredients taken from the A.A.C.M.'s music (especially from the Art Ensemble of Chicago's compositions) and from the style of Frank Zappa together with a pinch of western art music and other contemporary delicacies.

Today's mainstream jazz is often just a regurgitation of bebop or hardbop; the intent of this band is to propose something different to shake the collective perception as a psychoactive drug or an electroshock. "Waiting for Injection" is a fantasy medicine created by Clockwork Groove to cure contemporary jazz and to give it a new youth.

All the pieces contained in this album are composed and arranged by Davide Giovanni Pometti, except for Ginestra, written and arranged by Ferdinando D'Urso.


"Juggernaut" SLAMCD 554. BARCODE 5028386055426

The Duo Indů, based in Bologna, was formed in 2012 by Claudio Vignali (piano & keyboards) and Andrea Grillini (drums and percussions), later adding a further dimension through Achille Succi, alto sax and bass clarinet. In this 2013 studio session the duo is joined by Succi on 3 of the 9 tracks Except for the Tim Berne composition, the CD is a collection of originals by Vignali and Grillini reflecting their classical and avant-garde influences on the jazz they play.

"Genres, currents and different studies mix together creating an innovative synthesis, which is almost surreal: classic music, avantgarde and jazz music all blend in their original compositions, tying harmony and experimentation, old atmospheres, modern and contemporary ones in an absolutely new manner."

"Bija" SLAMCD 556. BARCODE 5028386055624

The Sanskrit term ‘bija' means seed – the origin or cause of things. The Italian trio "bija" take their beginning with a vibration, a sound from which their music grows, developing surprising soundscapes. Salento, the region of Italy where the trio originated, is the south east tip of the country, surrounded by the Adriatic, absorbing many influences from neighbouring cultures. In addition to the bija trio of Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussion), Gabriele Di Franco (guitar and loops) and Marco Puzzello (trumpet and flugelhorn), this 2013 studio recording also features special guests Emanuele Coluccia (saxophone) and Stefano Luigi Mangia (voice).

In January 2012 Bija composed and recorded soundtrack for the film "The Guardian Distracted", directed by Marcello Ciullo. In May of the same year they won the critics' prize at the "B-Live Contest", Lecce and in summer performed in final of the international contest "Jimmy Wood Award '12" (La Spezia). Their song "0" won the first prize at the "Soundslices '12." And in August 2012 Bija won the first "Band Revelation of the Year" at Jazzup Festival, directed by Greg Burk.

Meet Bija:

Chamaeleon' NA-CD-008 Barcode 616892159247 (SLAMCD 544)

‘Chamaeleon' is a joint production by SLAM and the US label New Atlantis, it is the second CD by Ed Ricart's quartet – following Ancón on SLAMCD 529 - "An excellent debut album from a colossal quartet!" Downtown Music Gallery. The music also has a cross atlantic identity in the person of top UK saxist Paul Dunmall, featured as special guest with the US quartet comprising Herb Robertson Trumpet, Little Instruments; Edward Ricart Guitar; Jason Ajemian Bass; Andrew Barker Drums. The set of six improvisation tracks was recorded in Brooklyn in the summer of 2012.


"Cherry Pickin'"SLAMCD 294. BARCODE 5028386029427

Jim Dvorak trumpet, voice; Paul Dunmall tenor sax, saxello; Chris Mapp bass; Mark Sanders Drums. Jim Dvorak and Paul Dunmall were two of the earliest SLAM recording artists after the label was founded 25 years ago; Mark Sanders has also appeared on several previous SLAM releases, notably with Elton Dean, Nick Evans and of course Paul Dunmall. Bassist Chris Mapp is a new and very welcome name on the label. The music, with the exception of track 7, was written by Dvorak whose composition style reflects the influence of Charles Mingus. Interesting that one of Dvorak's early SLAM releases was his duo with Eric Mingus. The two horns show a synergy that comes from the years of association and mutual respect; Dvorak's vocals add the drama.

"Nick Of Time"SLAMCD 295. BARCODE 5028386029526 Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak Mike Fletcher - Alto sax/Flute, Olie Brice – Bass, Tymoteusz Jozwiak - Drums "Nick of Time", the first release by the Birmingham based improvising trio ‘Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak' was recorded in an afternoon at Highbury Studios in Birmingham, UK. From the opening of the first track, ‘Dedication (To Tony Levin)' (inspired by memories of the late, great drummer), the improvisations evolve as a series of spontaneous conversations between the members of the trio. They tread the line between jazz and the avant-garde; music that is simultaneously lyrically inventive and emotionally enriching.

Birmingham born Fletcher played lead alto with European Jazz Orchestra: Londoner Brice worked with Paul Dunmall and Ken Vandermark; Jozwiak moved from Poland to UK to study with Tony Levin. The three came together in 2013, immediately striking the rapport that elevates their music.

"SEVEN STOPS TO HEAVEN"SLAMCD 297. BARCODE 5028386029724 Robin Jones' LATIN UNDERGROUND. Robin Jones percussion, Gavin Broom trumpet, Nick Walker saxophone, Chris Kibble piano, Jonny Gee bass, Marc Cecil percussion. Robin writes: "Seven Stops to Heaven" is the third album by "Latin Underground", formerly known as "The Robin Jones Latin Jazz Sextet". The object of the band has always been to fuse Latin, Jazz and some Funk, using original Latin and Jazz standards. We have always tried to have a very high standard of Jazz solos. I am proud to say that many of the best Jazz players around (many of whom have become Bandleaders in their own right) have graced the ranks of the band. We were recorded by a brilliant new engineer Nick Cecil. The originals, all by sax virtuoso Nick Walker, are of the usual high standard. The rhythms are original Latin, with some licence in the direction of the Jazz. We hope you like it.

"DADA DANDY"SLAMCD 553. BARCODE 50 2838605532 7 ‘A Favola da Medusa' plus guests. The Lisbon based ‘A Favola da Medusa' was formed in 2010 by Miguel Martins (various instruments) and Filipe Homem Fonseca (guitar) dealing with dadaist free-rock aesthetics, harpist Ana Dias completing a unique trio. Their music has lent itself ideally to film and tv soundtracks. They also take opportunities to work with visiting musicians from different genres. In March 2012 on a short (less than 40 hours!) visit to Portugal, George Haslam played 4 concerts including the gig with the trio at Bar Teatro A Barraca, recorded live and heard on 3 tracks of this disc. The remaining tracks plot the trio's work during the previous 2 years with other guests Sónia Montenegro, Bernardo Nascimento and Rebecca Gradissimo.

APRIL 2014

"To Be Continued"SLAMCD 293. BARCODE 5028386055228 Howard Riley, solo piano. As Howard says in the sleeve note, a studio recording is a very different project than a live concert recording – on many levels. After I first spoke to him about a studio date, Howard – always the thinker – waited 9 months before actually going into the studio... well worth the wait, I think. The choice of Porcupine Studios and of course its piano, was also important – he had recorded there with his trio as early as 1988 (SLAMCD 215) when the engineer was Ted Taylor, father of the present day Nick Taylor. It is typical of Howard to include, among his own compositions and improvisation, something from what is sometimes referred to as ‘The Great American Songbook' – in this case Jerome Kern's "The Folks Who Live on The Hill".

"DOLPHY'S HAT"SLAMCD 549. BARCODE 5028386054924 PRIMITIVE ARKESTRA, DIRECTIONS IN MUSIC BY DAVID HANEY The CD presents a collection of recordings by ‘Primitive Arkestra' from 2008 and 2013 in quartet to 12 piece, all directed by pianist/conductor David Haney. David writes: "This live CD is a collection of improvised works for large ensemble. The musical groups vary on most selections, offering a snapshot in time of the life of Primitive Arkestra. Julian Priester, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Adam Lane, Frank Clayton are but a few of the amazing artists included. A few of the pieces were conducted by me, others I directed from the piano. The themes are simple and secondary to the forms. In setting up the pieces there were no rehearsals, and the instructions were intentionally kept to a minimum. This album is dedicated to the many members who contributed so much. Special thanks in memory of the late Roy Campbell. The Arkestra was blessed with his presence and performances at the I-Beam in Brooklyn, NY for the 2013 Cadence Fest. Thanks Roy!" The collective personnel is: David Haney piano, conductor, Julian Priester trombone, Steve Swell trombone, Marc Smason trombone, shofar, digerydoo, Frank Clayton bass, Oleg Ruvinov tuba, Nadya Kadrevis drums, Rosalyn DeRoos clarinet, Doug Haning contra alto clarinet, Michael Wimberly drums, Matt Cercily mandolin, Dan Blunck tenor sax, flute, Roy, Campbell flute, trumpet, Juan Pablo Carletti drums, Adam Lane bass, Blaise Siwula sax, David Bindman sax, Avram Ferver sax, David Arner piano, Liam Sillery Trumpet, Bob Reina Piano Chris Jones Bass, Mark Flynn Drums, Jack DeSalvo cello, Matt Lavelle trumpet, Nora McCarthy voice, John Murchison bass, Stan Nishimura trombone, Diana Wayburn flute, Frankie Wilson tenor sax, Constance Cooper piano.

"Speak Random" SLAMCD 551. BARCODE 50 28386 05512 OMIT FIVE: Mattia Dalla Pozza alto sax; Filippo Vignato trombone; Joseph Circelli guitar; Rosa Brunello double bass; Simone Sferruzza drums. ‘Omit Five' is a young Italian contemporary jazz quintet. "The 13 pieces set-list of the new album is entirely based on wide-ranging original tunes, compositions where the group tries to combine detailed composition and free improvisation, linking the post-bop tradition with a contemporary sound that tries to serve as a mirrorof our age." Omit Five's music therefore presents itself as a colourful kaleidoscope oftimbres, melodies, harmonies and free improvisations, selected every time onthe basis of each composer's taste and sensitivity, but always referable to one original sound, underlining the deep work they did together as a band while constantly touring around Europe. "Speak Random" is the quintet's second CD following the eponymous "Omit Five" released 2012 on the Venetian label ‘Caligola Records'.

"OVERHEARD CONVERSATIONS" SLAMCD 552. BARCODE 502838605522 8 Glen Hall, soprano & tenor saxes, flute and bass flute; Bernie Koenig, drums and vibraphone. This first SLAM CD by Canadian duo Hall and Koenig is a studio recording from August 2013 with 11 tracks of impromptu improvisation and "For George", a Koenig original. The improvised tracks bear titles taken from typical snippets of overheard conversation as would be heard in a bar or restaurant; the mood of the music reflecting the snatched phrase.

The ‘George' in Koenig's composition was Gershwin, who was also a topic of an overheard conversation

Within the confines of the wind and percussion combination the duo explores a surprising range of textures and composition extended by their choice and range of instruments in different combinations.


January 2014

"L'Arsenale delle apparizioni" SLAMCD 548

BARCODE 5028386054825 I Giganti Della Montagna

‘I Giganti Della Montagna' is a trio founded in 2012 by Sicilian saxophonist and composer Ferdinando D'Urso with pianist Lorenzo Paesani and cellist Federico Sconosciuto. "L'Arsenale delle apparizioni" is their first album, recorded at the end of January 2013 and now released by SLAM Productions.

The music played by this trio blends elements from western art music, from improvised music, jazz and Sicilian folk music. The goal is to achieve that perfect mix that could be called - in Gunther Schuller's words - Third Stream.

The name of the trio – ‘I Giganti Della Montagna' (The Giants of the Mountain) - and the title of the CD - "L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni" - refer to the last work of Sicilian playwright Luigi Pirandello. He reveals here the difficulty that the contemporary art encounters in public reception. ‘L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni' is a place in this work where dreams and reality mingle in a summary, a place where negative is exorcised; so "L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni" wants to be a place where everyone will recognize himself and his history overlapped, confused and at the same time that coincides with what ‘I Giganti Della Montagna' narrates in notes.

All the compositions are by Ferdinando D'Urso except for Due frasi, written by Andjela Bizimoska and arranged by Ferdinando D'Urso.

"Karszt" SLAMCD 550 2 CD set. BARCODE 5028386055020 Szilárd Mezei International Improvisers Ensemble

Mezei's biggest project – two and a half hours of music by 23 international musicians recorded in Novi Sad, Serbia, January 2012. Mezei in complete control with baton and viola, conducting a majestic performance. Hungarian/Serbian Mezei has justifiably attracted highest praise and appreciation from critics and his listeners. Viewed by many as the successor to the late Hungarian composer György Szabados, his music like that of Szabados and Bartok before him, draws on the strengths of the Hungarian folk music tradition.

The music on these two CDs is a great example of his integration of composition and improvisation.

"Karszt" is Mezei's fourth CD on SLAM.

"an immensely well-crafted masterwork that will

reveal more as you dig deeper into its vast world." -

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG Newsletter 20 December 2013


November, 2013

SPECIAL OFFERS We have opened a new box on our home page where short term special offers will be available. Please check it out from time to time. We have already listed the first special offer ~ the Pinski Zoo double CD "After Image" (SLAMCD 266), usually £17 is on offer at the single CD price, £10.


It is not often we are called upon to re-issue a SLAM CD – the few previous cases have included Led Bib, Elton Dean and Steve Harris. Esmond Selwyn's CDs are some of the most popular we have issued and ‘FOLLOW THAT' was his first.

"FOLLOW THAT" SLAMCD 240 BARCODE: 5028386024026

Esmond Selwyn, Guitar

Originally released on SLAM in 2000, ‘Follow That' was Esmond Selwyn's first recording as a leader. "A superb technician with flowing ideas and a driving energy, he propels his quartet through both standards and original compositions with great finesse." wrote Howard Paul in ‘Just Jazz Guitar'.

The original pressing sold out some years ago; the ensuing demand has resulted in this re-issue of a great album. With Paul Sawtell piano, Bill Coleman bass and Robin Jones drums the quartet presents a programme of 5 standards – ‘Prelude to a Kiss', ‘Serenata', ‘Have You Met Miss Jones?', ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeams' and ‘Just One of Those Things' alongside 4 original themes by Selwyn and Sawtell.


September, 2013


The price remains the same - £10 each CD with 15% discount for purchases of 2 or more CDs. Postage £1.00 per order.


A collection of ballads by George Haslam baritone sax, with guests Steve Waterman trumpet and flugelhorn, Ruben Ferrero piano, Esmond Selwyn guitar, Dan Messore guitar and Steve Kershaw double bass. Thirteen solo and duo tracks including Stardust, Body And Soul, I Won't Send Roses, In A Sentimental Mood and How Insensitive. Recorded in England and Argentina.

A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero BLUE BOSSA George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD Esmond Selwyn solo I WON'T SEND ROSES George Haslam & Steve Kershaw NAIMA Steve Waterman & Dan Messore EL DIA QUE ME QIERAS George Haslam solo HOW INSENSITIVE George Haslam & Steve Kershaw WHERE OR WHEN George Haslam & Steve Waterman BODY AND SOUL Esmond Selwyn I MAY BE WRONG George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero I LOVES YOU PORGY Steve Waterman & Dan Messore IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD George Haslam & Steve Waterman STARDUST George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero

"Signs" SLAMCD 546 BARCODE 5028386054627

Erika Dagnino Quartet

Erika Dagnino poetry, voice Ras Moshe flute, soprano sax, tenor sax Ken Filiano doublebass, effects John Pietaro vibraphone, glockenspiel, snare drum, tom-tom, various bells, suspended cymbals, triangle, wind chimes, shaker

SLAM Productions is glad to present the bilingual poetry music work of the Erika Dagnino Quartet: the very talented Italian poet Dagnino together with three American New York City based amazing musicians Ras Moshe, Ken Filiano and John Pietaro.

Signs was recorded on 19th November 2012 at 17th Frost Theatre of the Arts in Brooklyn, and as the critic and journalist Marco Buttafuoco says in the liner notes: We may apply to this recording (which took place in New York and is soaked in New York) the words that Langston Hughes wrote in 1956: "Jazz seeps into words—spelled out words!".

"The balance between the spoken word sections and instrumental passages is superbly balanced giving us a chance to consider the words more thoughtfully." Bruce Lee Gallanter, downtown Music Gallery, New York.


JULY, 2013.

New CDs on SLAM. Release date: 5 July, 2013.

"TRIBUTE TO COLTRANE" SLAMCD 292 Barcode: 5028386029229

Paul Dunmall tenor, soprano saxophones; Tony Bianco drums.

Compositions by John Coltrane:


In November 2011 Dunmall and Bianco recorded a session later made available on CD as "Thank You To John Coltrane", released on SLAM (SLAMCD 290). A year later the same duo returned to the same venue to delve deeper into the Coltrane repertoire, resulting in this second SLAM CD.

Always a difficult act to follow a CD as successful as "Thank You To John Coltrane" but I believe the two sets must be taken together as an expression of Dunmall's lifelong love and appreciation of the music and spirit of Coltrane.

"Live at the Metropolitan Room NYC" SLAMCD 545

Barcode: 5028386054528

Giancarlo Mazzu', guitar; Luciano Troja, piano, recorded live in New York at the prestigious Metropolitan Room. A programme of jazz standards given the duo's original treatment:

Bye Bye Blackbird, Cheek to Cheek, Softly As in a Morning Sunrise, But Not for Me, My Funny Valentine, Autumn Leaves, When I Fall in Love, All the Things You Are, You and the Night and the Music, Take the "A" Train.

This is the second SLAM release for Giancarlo Mazzu' and Luciano Troja who appeared alongside US reedsman Blaise Siwula on "D'istante 3" (SLAMCD 537). On this new recording the duo play a great selection of standards, given their own personal treatment recorded, as the title states – "Live at the Metropolitan Room" in New York City, contemporary "home" of the Great American Songbook.

It is the third CD in the duo's critically acclaimed series dedicated to the jazz standards repertoire and the first recorded live. Mazzu' & Troja seek to capture the essence of the songs, as well as the unique atmosphere of the venue - a stage where the great Broadway stars perform nightly - carrying it in their creative improvisation.

The performance presents an original approach to the music and a tribute to the American Songbook through the personal background of the two musicians, the Italian melodic counterpoint, the spontaneous composition and the jazz tradition.


JANUARY, 2013.

Three New Releases


Esmond Selwyn – Guitar

Paul Sawtell – Keyboards

Bill Coleman – Bass

Tony Richards – Drums

Recorded at Wrexham Jazz Club November 2002.

Recording engineer Marc Joy, Ferndale Studio.

Esmond Selwyn and Paul Sawtell first met and worked together in the early 90's when they were both booked to appear at The Shrewsbury Jazz Festival. Apart from their jazz work in and around the Stafford and Birmingham areas and their highly prestigious tour to the Far East with Salena Jones, their long collaboration has also produced two fine albums: the first being "Follow That" – SLAMCD 240 in 1999 - and now most recently "Renegade" - a quartet live double album from the same era – recently rediscovered and presented for the market. Esmond and Paul are joined by Bill Coleman on bass on both albums, however Tony Richards replaces Robin Jones on drums for "Renegade".

"Renegade" has already been warmly received by those who have heard it – viz. . On reviewing their earlier work Esmond, as leader, finds it representative of the spontaneity, immediacy and invention of the time and is pleased that the music still really swings - and he believes that there is a quite a difference between merely playing fast and actually swinging. He has also always been sparked and inspired by Paul's qualities both as soloist and accompanist – but equally for his qualities as entertainer and his spontaneous musical wit! Note at the end of "China Boy" as the last chord is fading, how Paul slips in a humorous and very apt quote from "By The Sleepy Lagoon" – the signature tune to the BBC Radio Programme, "Desert Island Discs"…..!

"Esmond Selwyn's guitar a delight throughout." Dave Tracey, Programme Manager – The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain.

"Esmond - Thanks for "Renegade".I enjoyed it brother - you sound great". Dave Liebman.


1 Fine And Dandy - Paul James, Kay Swift. - 8.24

2 All The Things You Are - Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein. - 6.18

3 Blue Monk - T.Monk. - 10.34

4 Cantaloupe Island - Herbie Hancock. - 15.07

5 Dancing Cheek To Cheek - Irving Berlin. 6.46

6 China Boy - Phil Boutelije, Dick Winfree. - 9.23


1 All Blues – Miles Davis. - 8.20

2 Just One Of Those Things - Cole Porter. - 11.10

3 Nancy With The Laughing Face – Jimmy van Heusen, Phil Silvers. -11.51

4 Summertime - Gershwin. - 12.05

5 Yardbird Suite - Charlie Parker -11.40

"Day For Night At Jack Straw" SLAMCD 541

David Haney piano, Julian Priestertrombone, Buell Neidlinger bass.

Marc Smason trombone, shofar, Doug Haning contra alto clarinet, Dan Blunck tenor sax and flute, Frank Clayton bass, Juan Pablo Carletti drums.

The CD presents two Sessions recorded 8 years apart in the same studio – Jackstraw Studios, Seattle, USA – by two quite different ensembles, both led by pianist David Haney.

The first three tracks record what was a rare chance encounter and the only meeting of the trio comprising Haney and the two great jazz veterans Julian Priester and Buell Neidlinger.

On the remaining three tracks, recorded 8 years later in 2008, Haney leads a sextet of early members of the Primitive Art Ensemble.

‘Day for Night' relates to cinematographic techniques for creating illusions of darkness.


By "FREE-DOT", being the duo of Antonio Cotardo – flutes, voice, bells, piano and Paolo Pacciolla - drums, berimbao, mbira, voice, Jew's harp, household percussion, piano.

Free-Dot project is a space in which musical and cultural boundaries are broken, and opportunities of artistic dialogue are wide open. It aims at exploring sound and its resonating relationship with silence, creating sonic landscapes and tone colours sparked by the meeting of musical instruments of diverse cultural background. Improvisation is at the centre of Free-Dot's projects.

Just Flux!, which follows Ariband (SLAMCD 525)- the first recording of the duo released in 2010, is a project of improvised music based on a set of musical instruments and musical objects. No scores, words or any other suggestion was definied before playing. Just flux!

Antonio Cotardo: flautist and tutor, graduated at the Conservatorio di musica ‘Tito Schipa' of Lecce and the Accademia Musicale Umbra. In 1997 started studying jazz harmonics and improvisation techniques with the falutist Nicola Stilo. From 2000 he worked with the group Ghetonia, at festivals in Italy and abroad: Turin, New York, Boston, Frankfurt, Brighton, London and Greece. With the group he recorded the CD's " Krifi", " Terra e Sale" e "Riza". In 2005 he founds Photinx Quartet for which he writes and arranges music. In march 2006 the Quartet recorded the CD Photinx and played at " La Fondation Danoise" and "L'association la Mezzanine" in Paris. Paolo Pacciolla: pianist, percussionist and ethnomusicologist. Teaches ‘Ethnomusicology' at the Corso di Musiche Extraeuropee of the Conservatorio di Musica of Vicenza. Since 1995, soon after his degree in Pedagogy and diploma of Pianoforte, he spends long periods in India to study the classical Indian music and, in 1996, he received a scholarship of the I.C.C.R. (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) to study further in New Delhi. He specializes in the pakhawaj, drum of the classical music of north India, under the great Guru Ram Kishore Das. Pacciolla is now himself an internationally acclaimed master of Indian and Persian drumming.



FourNew Releases:

"d'istante3" SLAMCD 537

Blaise Siwula alto & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, clarinet, Giancarlo Mazzů guitar, drums, Luciano Troja piano.

"d'istante3" is a creative music project bringing together the two Italian improvisers Giancarlo Mazzů and Luciano Troja, and the New York based saxophonist Blaise Siwula.

Giancarlo and Luciano have worked together on the European jazz scene since 2002. Their music is mainly based on the search for new forms and expressions, related to tradition with a solid jazz background, mixed with folk music, classical forms and free improvisation.

Blaise Siwula has established a prominent role in the NYC music scene since his arrival there in 1989

Collaboration between the three musicians began in 2009, with their first performance together in NYCat ABC No-Rio, where Siwula is the curator of C.O.M.A. Series. In 2011 "d'istante3" performed in several venues around NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem); in April that year, in the Wombat Studio in Brooklyn, the trio decided to record their special synergy in the spontaneous session presented on this, their first CD.

"Pictures of a Quartet" SLAMCD 539

Sebastiano Meloni piano, Paul Dunmall tenor and soprano saxes, Sebastiano Dessanay double bass, Mark Sanders drums

On this, his second SLAM CD, Meloni leads an Anglo-Italian Quartet with his fellow countryman Dessanay on bass and UK improvising musicians Dunmall and Sanders.

Meloni describes his approach to his music:

"My music is completely improvised; I only composed a few themes for the CD "Dialogues". I am not interested in any kind of meaning apart from that which can be derived from musical expression. I try to uncover what music can express in itself, as well as the emotions we could convey with atonal free improvisations.

I often decide which forms, sounds, timbres, or registers I am going to explore ahead of time. My purpose is to make atonal improvisation a compositional language, which means strict rules and attention to form. At the same time, I seek to preserve the inherent joy in the musical discovery that comes with instantaneous composition".

The album was recorded in the studios of Birmingham Conservatoire, England, in July 011.

"Il mare e l'incanto a Roma Est" SLAMCD 540

Antonio Ragosta electric guitar,Portuguese guitar, Tony Cattano trombone. Paolo Damiani cello, EmilianoPallotti accordion. Irene Angelino flute, Stefano Napoli contrabass. Pasquale Angelinidrums.

The debut album of guitarist Antonio Ragosta is a voyage where the author summarizes through a personal language, a massive musical literature, the result of academic studies and a wide range of performance experiences. This album contains nine original songs composed and arranged by Antonio Ragosta. The wide range of influences characterise his compositions; they seem to confirm that the music was born by a commonsense drawn from styles and natures. The album´s title alludes to an ideal universe from which he draws on for his creations. The sea represents places of his childhood, on the other hand his enchantment is a discovery of the possibility to artistically express himself in a dimension where all his past ways seem to focusin the places where the album has taken its final artistic form, or the crowded and multi-ethnic streets in the Eastern zone of the Italian capital.

"Narcete" SLAMCD 542

Erika Dagnino poetry, voice, Stefano Pastor violin, doublebass, George Haslam baritone sax, tarogato, Steve Waterman trumpet.

Presenting the poetry music work of the Anglo- Italian quartet: the very talented Italian poet Erika Dagnino with her ‘beautiful, strong and clear voice' (as Peter Brötzmann, among others, said), the Italian violinist Stefano Pastor, winner at Top Jazz 2010 and 2011, the English musicians George Haslam and Steve Waterman,

Narcéte represents the natural connection between poetry and music, two very close arts that express themselves with sound, rhythm and consonance. A work in which expression and speaking about expression cross each other: the art, in its making, declaredly talks about itself.

A work in which, as the critic and journalist Gennaro Fucile says in the liner notes: ‘None of the two elements here finds itself subjected to the other, and this is the key to this work, a happy junction of different voices where instrumental improvisations and words stand respectful of each other', where ‘Each of the four artists contributed evenly to the final outcome; in a careful succession of sounds, words and silence.'.


JULY 2012.

Three New Releases:

"Thank You to John Coltrane" SLAMCD 290 BAR CODE 5028386029021

Paul Dunmall tenor, soprano saxophones; Tony Bianco drums.

1.PEACE ON EARTH (Coltrane) 6.31 2.NAIMA (Coltrane) 5.45 3.ALABAMA (Coltrane) 6.29 4.GIANT STEPS (Coltrane) 5.11 5.THANK YOU TO JOHN COLTRANE(Dunmall) 4.06 6.LIVING SPACE (Coltrane) 5.05 7.EXPRESSION (Coltrane) 28.01

In time, even the most important innovators of our music – Armstrong, Ellington, Parker etc. – are accepted as normal as the sun and the stars; we must therefore be reminded, from time to time, of their essentiality. So it is with Coltrane, whose work Dunmall here re-visits.

As long as I have known Paul, and that's over 30 years, he has been a believer in Coltrane, even taking the opportunity to play with Alice Coltrane on an early USA tour decades ago. I have waited a long time to hear his dedication to J.C. – here it is now and well worth the wait. He takes a few of Coltrane's themes, pared to a minimal sax and drums, which I think emphasises the strength of the compositions. Tony Bianco's ever-inventive work is there in company with the sax, rather than accompanying.

The recording was made in Delbury Hall in the Shropshire hamlet of Diddlebury – a far cry from the North Carolina Hamlet where, 85 years earlier, the spirit of Coltrane arrived in this world… and so his music and the spirit of that music, will continue to move on through time and space.

"Songs" SLAMCD 538 BAR CODE 5028386053828

Stefano Pastor violin, vocals.

1 I got rhythm (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin) 13.14 2 Beatriz (E. Lobo,C. Buarque) 11.08 3 Quem č vocę (L. Mays, L. Avellar) 9.48 4 You go to my head (H. Gillespie, J. F. Coots) 7.37 5 Purple Haze (J. Hendrix) 6.42 6 Duke Ellington's sound of love (C. Mingus) 7.44

New solo album by Italian violinist Stefano Pastor, winner at Top Jazz 2010 and 2011, where Stefano makes a strict recapitulation of the lengthy research that brought him to his own playing, thus each sound on this CD, except for the vocals, comes direct from his violin, with no synthesizers or MIDI equipment. Songs is also a work which unfolds the artistic sensitivity of Pastor, his musical horizons, made of jazz and avant-garde, echoes of European modern music and Brazilian popular songs, with the blues his guiding light throughout. A work in which Stefano comes back to the use of vocals, as he says in his liner notes: "I come back to the chant as a further way to probe the song form, to make melody my own, and the more my singing appears technically non super-structured, the more I wish that the expression would be intimate and authentic, my feelings neither hidden nor increased, my soul naked".

"Gestures and Zoom" SLAMCD 535 BAR CODE 5028386053521

Admir Shkurtaj -Fisarmonica(accordeon), Pianoforte Giorgio Distante - Tromba Redi Hasa - Violoncello

The starting points for Shkurtaj's music are not themes or melodies but what he refers to as "musical mechanisms" or extra-musical ideas; frameworks to build themes on – musical series, rhythmical series, series of sounds or sonic gestures.

The trio's improvisation guidedor "forced"by these frames unleashes surprising freedom. Elements of traditional music,from the Albanian tradition, burst here and there more in a distant memory than a living reality.

Albanian musicians Shkurtaj and Hasa crossed the Adriatic to join Distante in his home province of Lecce in that part of Italy called Apulia.

AdmirShkurtaj,accordionist and pianist. Musician of Albanianorigin. Trained in contemporary, classical,electronic, improvisation, and traditional Balkan music. He completed his musical studies inTirana (Albania)-Lecce- Milan. He lives in the experiences of various types of music and combines them where possible,attracted by the sounds of the surrounding soundscape. Giorgio Distante,Trumpet. Apulian musician. Trained in classical, jazz, improvised and electronic/electroacoustic music and studied between Bari,United States, Perugia and Rome. He sees the trumpet as an instrument of many timbral possibilities, both as a melodic instrument.

Redi Hasa,Cello.Albanian musician who lives in Puglia and Salento naturalized. Trained in classical,traditional music and improvisation, completing his musical studies inTirana (Albania) and Lecce. He easily combines traditional and contemporary language.


APRIL 2012.

Four New CD Releases

"YOU'RE IT!" SLAMCD 288 Barcode: 5028386028826


Annette Giesriegl is a dynamic, exciting and creative vocalist who is based in Graz/Austria and works in the field of jazz and improvised music.Her studies of overtone singing, throat singing, Indian music with anemphasis on Indian vocal techniques, the use of electronicsand other extended vocal techniques give line to the textural play of piano, violin and drums.

London based musician Alison Blunt has consuming interests in making music in the moment and in interdisciplinary explorations. Elisabeth Harnik is an accomplished classical pianist and composer based in the County of Styria/Austria who's consistently proved that academic training is no impediment to spontaneity.

Harnik and Blunt - bothrepresenting the generation of improvisers who didn´t come to the discipline via jazz -work within an electro-acoustic inspired sound-world, using unique preparations and extended techniques. Graz based musician and media artist Josef Klammer has worked continuously developing his instruments and sound since the middle of the 80's. His drums and subtle electronics bring expressive punctuation and a huge range of colour, providing the musical glue to the ensemble.

"The Imaginary Delta" SLAMCD 289 Barcode 5028386028925

‘The Imaginary Delta' by Adam Fairhall

James Allsopp clarinets; Chris Bridges trombone, jug; Steve Chadwick trumpet; Adam Fairhall piano; Tim Fairhall bass; Paul J Rogers diddley bow, laptop, turntable, objects. Fairhill's project ‘The Imaginary Delta' was commissioned by Manchester Jazz Festival and recorded live at The Band on the Wall, Manchester. Early jazz forms are recalled, mixed with contemporary techniques and twisted into new shapes, using a combination of samples, a diddley bow and a band of highly versatile British improvisers.

"RAAHE '99" SLAMCD 328 Barcode: 5028386032823


A recently discovered live recording of Rutherford and Haslam with the Samuli Mikkonen Trio at Raahe Festival, July 1999. A concert of non-stop improvisation with a majestic Rutherford welding together a performance of great international musicmaking. A fitting tribute to the trombonist's memory.

"100 Tu Hossza" SLAMCD 536 Barcode:50 28386 05362 0


Szilárd MEZEI viola; Bogdan RANKOVIĆ alto sax, bass clarinet; Branislav AKSIN trombone; Albert MÁRKOS violoncello; Kornél PÁPISTA tuba; Ervin MALINA double bass; István CSÍK drums.

100 tű hossza (Length of 100 Needles), recorded in Germany, June 2010 is an eclectic collection of energetic Mezei compositions with strong Central European influences and some great soaring improvisation.


Two New CD releases.

"Ancón"SLAMCD 529 Barcode: 5028386052920

Edward Ricart Quartet - Herb Robertson - Trumpet, Little Instruments; Jason Ajemian – Bass: Andrew Barker – Drums; Edward Ricart – Guitar.

The eight freely improvised pieces on this record demonstrate a dynamic group with a powerful, confident sound. The fiery free onslaught of tracks like 'Dermatoglyphics' and 'Eurypterids,' the sparse, AACM-influenced textures of 'Truth.' and the deep shifting-yet-unshakeable pulse of 'Wake Up' or 'Celestial Mechanics' could easily be mistaken for composition- but this group'sin/out approach to free improv makes for a very rewarding listen. Ancon stands as a fine first offering from a hard-working young guitarist, and is not to be missed.

Ricart presently resides in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he has been focusing on a new music trio called Hyrrokkin, while remaining an active collaborator of free music pioneers, as a member of the William Hooker Trio, Jason Ajemian's Trash Island, and many more.An active supporter of the creative music underground, his weekly series ofexperimental musicconcerts has featuredHan Bennink, Elliott Sharp,Paal Nilssen-Love, Rodrigo Amado, Frode Gjerstad,Andrea Parkins, Aram Shelton,Eugene Chadbourne, Uri Caine, Sabir Mateen, and many more

A seasoned traveller, during 2011 he toured North America with Matta Gawa in the Spring and Hyrrokkin in the fall, played a weekly residency at RodaninChicago with members of Tortoise during the month of April, and toured with the William Hooker Trio in the Winter.

"Stagioni" SLAMCD 534 Barcode: 50283860534

Ręverie Duo is an acoustic duo - Valerio Daniele acoustic guitar and Redi Hasa cello – whose art is largely drawn from natural and ‘atavistic' influences. The recordings on "Stagioni" were made in the atmospheric environment of a fifteenth century chapel; listening to the music it is not difficult to share the mood of such a venue.

Both musicians consciously seek to create music in what they refer to as "a non-definable zone between genres". They go on to say "The music tends to be resonant and reverberating, independent from any genre polarization. It moves in a vacant territory, which the Duo tries to flll with spirals, cycles and imaginary memories. The harmonies lead to the dream and to irrational perception by blurring the real images to make them natural."

Recorded 8 and 9 February 2010 in Masseria S. Lucia's ancient chapel, Alessano (LE), Italy.

Mixed and mastered at Chora Studi Musicali, Monteroni Di Lecce (LE)



3 new CD albums and 1 Digital release.

This season's releases comprise 3 new CDs, all of which are available in hard copy and by digital sales, plus one recording available solely through digital outlets. Digital sales available from 7 November.

The prices of our CDs remain the same, £10.00 per CD with 15% discount on multiple purchases.

"Lyric Pieces".

SLAMCD 286 Barcode: 50 28386 02871 0

Martin Pickett - Piano, Steve Waterman - Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Mark Bassey - Trombone, Paul Jefferies - Double Bass, Ben Twyford - Drums.

The new CD from pianist and composer Martin Pickett features a 5-piece band, including two of the finest brass improvisers in the UK. Augmenting the well-established trio of Martin on piano, Paul Jefferies on bass and Ben Twyford on drums (aka 3BPM) are Steve Waterman on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Mark Bassey on trombone. Together they navigate their way through Martin's challenging yet lyrical compositions to produce music with a directly emotional impact.

"Tisza". SLAMCD 532 Barcode: 50 28386 05322 4


Szilárd MEZEI – viola, Ervin MALINA – double bass, István CSÍK – drums, percussion

This is Mezei's second CD on SLAM, following SLAMCD 521 "TŐNK/STUMP" by his Octet. The inclusion of 2 Hungarian folk songs from Vojvodina is significant; Vojvodina, formerly an Autonomous Province of Yugoslavia and now part of Serbia, is home to a strong Hungarian community. The river Tisza sources in Ukraine and joins the Danube in Vojvodina.


SLAMCD 533 Barcode: 5028386053323


MARCO COLONNA Bass clarinet, Baritone & Soprano saxes, FRANCESCO LO CASCIO Vibraphone, Percussion, LILLO QUARATINO Double bass.

This recording session develops as a choral tale, a kind of emotional brainteaser where single pieces belong to each of the three musicians, combining in the elements of play and surprise. Creative experience, poetry of the moment, intensity of expression suggest the ideal rules of a performance where the tellers, as in a domino game, reveal their confidence and set out to discover their vision of freedom.

and the digital release:

"The Middle Half"

SLAMDA 287 Barcode: 50 28386 02871 0

The Esmond Selwyn Hammond Organ Trio

Esmond Selwyn – Guitar

John-Paul Gard – Hammond Organ

Robin Jones - Drums

Track Listings

1 Sandu -. Clifford Brown – 8.29

2 On Green Dolphin Street – Bronislau Kaper/Ned Washington – 7.17

3 Darn That Dream – Jimmy van Heusen/Eddie Delange – 10.10

4 Mr PC – John Coltrane – 9.48

5 Yardbird Suite – Charlie Parker – 5.16

6 Sunny – Georgie Fame – 11.15

7 Taking A Chance On Love – Vernon Duke/John Latouche/Ted Fetter – 8.52

8 I Hear A Rhapsody – Jack Baker/George Fragos/Dick Gasparre– 8.07

Recorded at Ferndale Studio –Buckley, North Wales.

November 2009

Recording and Mastering Engineer - Marc Joy

Recent issues:


SLAMCD 285 BARCODE 5028386028529


Antonio Quijano bass; Paul Dunmall soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet, chanter; Philip Gibbs guitar; Marco Anderson, piano. Plus Jonathan Scott, djembe on track 6.

"North South Dial"

SLAMCD 530 BARCODE 5028386053026

Stefano Pastor violin synthesizer; Ari Poutiainen violin.

"io 0.0.1 beta++"

SLAMCD 531 BARCODE 5028386053125

io 0.0.1 beta++ (itself), Han-earl Park (guitar), Bruce Coates (alto and sopranino saxophones) and Franziska Schroeder (soprano saxophone).





SLAMCD 285 BARCODE 5028386028529


Antonio Quijano bass; Paul Dunmall soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet, chanter; Philip Gibbs guitar; Marco Anderson, piano. Plus Jonathan Scott, djembe on track 6.

The Antonio Quijano Quartet is an international collaboration that explores the fringes of improvised music in a variety of settings. This creative union features musicians who are totally committed to the art of improvisation and have the ability to come up with a voice of their own. 'SONGS FROM ANOTHER BLUE PLANET' is a collection of first take improvisations recorded in Bristol, November 2009.

"North South Dial"

SLAMCD 530 BARCODE 5028386053026

Stefano Pastor violin, synthesizer; Ari Poutiainen violin.

A very original CD by Italian violinist and multi-instrumentalist Stefano Pastor, winner at Top Jazz 2010, and Finnish violinist and educator Ari Poutiainen. The violin duo is a rarity is jazz; here two masters of the instrument create music of warmth, passion and a level of sensitivity that reaches out to the listener.

"io 0.0.1 beta++"

SLAMCD 531 BARCODE 5028386053125

io 0.0.1 beta++ (itself), Han-earl Park (guitar), Bruce Coates (alto and sopranino saxophones) and Franziska Schroeder (soprano saxophone).

An extraordinary meeting between human and machine improvisers. Featuring the machine musician io 0.0.1 beta++ with guitarist Han-earl Park and saxophonists Bruce Coates and Franziska Schroeder.

Constructed by Han-earl Park, io 0.0.1 beta++ is a modern-day musical automaton. It is not an instrument to be played but a non-human artificial musician that performs alongside its human counterparts. Seemingly jerry-rigged, constructed from ad-hoc components including plumbing, kitchenware, speakers and missile switches, io 0.0.1 beta++ celebrates the material and corporeal.





SLAMCD 327 Barcode: 5028386032724

"ONCE UPON A TIME IN ARGENTINA" is a double CD package, the 2 discs presenting 2 distinct projects. Disc One, which is actually called "ONCE UPON A TIME IN ARGENTINA" is by a quartet including 2 percussionists. This unconventional line-up reflects what I think is the importance of rhythm in the music. In fact the whole continuous story comprises various chapters linked by different rhythms, none of which were pre-planned but were created in the studio by the combination of 2 percussionists of very different styles.

Disc Two is again a studio recording, this time by a saxophone quartet - "The Walter Thiers Memorial Saxophone Quartet". The history of jazz in Argentina and the place it holds to day is deeply indebted to the work of Walter Thiers. Walter was that rare sort of guy you meet here and there, an absolute fanatic who devoted his life to his love of the music and expressed this by helping the musicians and making things happen. All 4 members of the Quartet have reason to remember him with love and gratitude.

Two very different sides of Haslam, two short records (41 and 30 minutes), but very satisfying as a whole and, in my opinion, clearly Haslam's best Argentina-related release to date.

François Couture

"OPRACHINA" SLAMCD 527 Barcode: 5028386052722

Oprachina is a neologism made up of the two words opra (opera) and china (bowed), meaning alienating, back-breaking work. Coined in the first half of the 20th century, the term features in the Italian version of the "Internationale" as well as other tracts of the period. Oprachina are committed to the continuous pursuit of an equilibrium between written passages and free improvisation, helping to develop a contemporary musical language. The quartet comprises Massimo Bognetti:guitar, Errico De Fabritiis: saxophone, Fabio Fochesato: bass and Adriano Galinari:drums

Their first creation, "The Jazz Farm" (2007), published under the Creative Commons licence, was hailed at the 2009 Cannes Midem as the most popular Italian album by the Jamendo portal (200.000 web downloads).


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