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SLAMCD 335    Barcode: 5028386716822


GEORGE HASLAM    baritone sax, tarogato
STEFANO PASTOR   electric violin, kalimba
JAN FAIX                    synthesizer,  melodica
JOZEF LÁSKA           upright bass, bass guitar
JAN ŠIKL                    drums


I’ve had the opportunity to work in Czech Republic since first invited there in 2002 by Miloš Latislav, Czech National Radio, in a new Prague based group ‘The FreeTime Quartet’. Since then I have maintained contact with the members of the quartet and been fortunate to play with many other great Czech musicians.
On this live recording from 2010, Josef
Láska is the only member of the original quartet in a new group, again assembled by Milošto play a short tour with Stefano Pastor and myself. It was a great delight to meet and play with Jan Faix and Jan Šikl on this tour.
I first met Stefano Pastor in 2006 through SLAM Productions CD label, we later toured Italy and UK together and of course Czech Republic.
This recording came to me10 years after the gig; I remember well the venue, a small cellar club in
Vinohrady, I played there several times. I was delighted to hear the recording and grateful to
Milošfor getting it to me and for his work in the production.

For almost 20 years it has been a great experience to meet and perform with such Czech musicians as well as those from other countries for whom Czech Republic has proved to be an attractive and stimulating place to live and create.



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1          Waiting                         13.10
2          Landing                         8.27
3          Pastorale                      09.57
4          Loveland                      17.28
5          Whither tomorrow?      15.01

Compositions by Haslam, Pastor, Faix, Láska & Šikl  

Recorded by Alex Tomin, Rybanaruby,  Prague, 10 September 2010.
mastered by: Miloš Latislav
cover by:   Jan Polanský

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