Lamps. Clocks and Towers
CD 334
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George Haslam          Tarogato

Aida Mujačič               Piano and Voice

Jozef Láska                Contrabass and Bass Guitar.

Steve Hubback          Percussion


The original Freetime Quartet – comprising Swetja, Josef Láska, Petr Zimak and George Haslam – was busy in Prague at the turn of the century, the name being the idea of Miloš Latislav, to be heard on SLAMCD 320, a collection of live recordings by the quartet with special guests.
The present group, although still based in Prague comprises musicians from Bosnia, Slovakia, Wales and England which came into being at the Free Jazz Festival in Prague in 2013 performing to a full house. Since then they have performed many concerts and tours in the Czech Republic in very different venues and festivals.
They continue to evolve through improvisations that embrace and explore elements of Folk, Rock, Jazz and contemporary music with their own identity and energy. This album introduces the new group recorded live in the legendary Absintový Klub in Ostrava, offering a fine example of Freetime's creativity.


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1 Here we go                                    16’15
2 Lamps, Clocks and Towers             3’24
3 In the domain of the Green Fairy    9’35
4 The Three Towers of Sedlec           7’38
5 The Astronomer and the Elk (For Tycho Brahe) 8’28

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