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Stephanos  Chytiris Drums

Nikolas Skordas: soprano and tenor Saxophones  Tarogato, traditional Flutes

Invisible war is a profound spiritual improvise musical search that reveals what happens to every human heart on its way to wisdom, and ultimately, to peace. Expectations, empathy, bones and stones, archetypal, a passage from the world of matter to infinity.

Spiritual improvised free jazz music.

Stephanos  Chytiris & Nikolas Skordas



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Stephanos Chytiris & Nikolas Skordas   

01        EÌÐÍÏÇ (INSPIRATION)                    02:34  FLUTE AND DRUMS         

02        EXPECTATIONS                             06.53  DRUMS AND SOPRANO SAX    

03        BONES AND STONES                    08:57  DRUMS AND SOPRANO SAX    

04        INVISIBLE WAR                              10:55  DRUMS AND SOPRANO SAX    

05        EMPATHY                                        09:49    DRUMS AND TENOR SAX        

06        PASSING                                         06:01  DRUMS AND TAROGATO           

07        ARCHETYPE                                   03:17  FLUTE AND DRUMS         


All compositions by Stephanos Chytiris - Nikolas Skordas for composers

TOTAL TIME =  00:46:66

Recorded live in Shellac Studios

Mixed and mastered by Konstantinos Fragkopoulos 2018 – 2019 at Shellac Studios , Thessaloniki, GREECE

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