Breadcrumb Trio
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Breadcrumb Trio             
Barcode: 5028386713821

Giannis Arapis                 guitar
Giorgos Kokkinaris          double bass
Nikos Kordelis                 guitar

The Bread Crumb Trio (Kokkinaris, Kordelis, and Arapis) is an improvisational – experimental music group here releasing its first self-titled album on SLAM Productions. Its particular combination of electric guitar with contrabass gives birth to compositions encompassing a wide range of sonic manipulations. The instruments escape their traditional ways and produce uncanny and original sounds. The three musicians get together on the basis of musical "dialogue", aiming to explore new musical dynamics. The members of the Bread Crumb Trio are active in the improvisational and new music scenes of Athens and Berlin, each one stemming from different backgrounds (classical, jazz, rock, punk). The album is an example of the up-and-coming scene that welcomes more and more musicians, creating performances for an audience that seeks out unique sounds and new sonic experiences. Its aim is the immediacy between the audience and the performers, giving the former the right to think freely, criticize, demand, without any pre-imposed rules pertaining to "idiom" or "tradition".


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1. Harvest 09.11 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

2. A jar drops, a flower pops 05.20 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

3. Spume 07.52 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

4. Bread crumbs for birds 04.03 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

5. Bottled up lover 03.54 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

6. Wash my teeth with fire 05.06 (Arapis/Kokkinaris/Kordelis)

7. Small bucket of sand 04.49 (Arapis/Kordelis)

Recorded at AUX Studios, Athens, September – October 2018
By Giotis Paraskevaidis and Christos Brito.

Mastering by Nasos Nomikos at VU studios.

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