Three Way Conversations
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Glen Hall, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Bass Flute; Bernie Koenig, Drums, Vibes; M.J. Idzerda, Electric Keyboard.


Improvised duo and trio ‘conversations' by the Canadian musicians, recorded in London,  Ontario, Canada 2016 .


The first SLAM CD by Hall and Koenig was released exactly four years ago; with improvised track titles taken from typical snippets of every day conversation, that CD was called "Overheard Conversations" (SLAMCD 552). On "Three Way Conversations" the musicians, with the addition of M. J. Irdzerda have taken inspiration from their own informal communications, recreating this in their improvised musical conversations.

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Recording details
CD Title   Three Way Conversations
Glen Hall, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Bass Flute;  Bernie Koenig, Drums, Vibes; M.J. Idzerda, Electric Keyboard 
Track details: 1) Long Time No See; 2) I’m Not Sure I want To Try; 3) Can You Keep a Secret; 4) Plenty to Say; 5) I Still Have More To Say; 6) Let’s take a Moment; 7); You Can Always Count on Me; 8) I think I Got It; 9) Getting Into The Swing of Things; 10) My First Taste of Jack; 11) You Know; 12) But Have You Heard; 13 How About Your Turn…No Your Turn; 14) Perhaps it’s Time; 15) The Light of Dawn
Track lengths 1) 2:48    2) 6:04    3) 5:13    4)  2:43    5) 11:10     6) 4:00   7) 4:19    8) 5:33     9) 2:41        10) 8:00    11) 5:15    12) 5:46   13) 3:18   14) 4:05    15) 7:00
Total:  with 4 seconds in between tracks 78:50
Composers  Tracks 1,4,6,9,11,13,14   Hall and Koenig   Tracks 2, 7, 8  Hall and Idzerda   Tracks 3, 12  Koenig and Idzerda   Tracks 5, 10, 15  Hall, Koenig and Idzerda
Date and place of recording.   Feb 27 and Aug 5 2016  London Ontario Canada Name of sound engineer for recording and mastering.  Richard Moule

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