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SLAMCD 555  Barcode: 5028386055525 I Giganti Della Montagna The trio ‘I Giganti Della Montagna’, founded in 2012 by Sicilian saxophonist and composer Ferdinando D'Urso with pianist Lorenzo Paesani and cellist Federico Sconosciuto, first appeared on SLAM in 2013 with "L'Arsenale delle apparizioni" (SLAMCD 548).
Ferdinando D'Urso writes: For this occasion, the trio has chosen to invite a very important guest: the multi-instrumentalist Stefano Maltese. The music played in this album is a sequence of short themes that space out extended improvised sections. It is an experiment of co-creation of the musical event in the structure of a dialogue. With this second CD, thanks to the advice given by Stefano Maltese, I Giganti della Montagna try again to obtain that perfect mix of Western Art Music and jazz improvisation that we could call – in Gunther Schuller’s words – "third stream".
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Oi Dialogoi SLAMCD 555  5028386 055525
I Giganti Della Montagna ~ Stefano Maltese: saxello, flute, bass clarinet. Ferdinando D'Urso: alto sax, baritone sax. Lorenzo Paesani: piano. Federico Sconosciuto: cello.
1) Ad ali spiegate (la penultima fine del mondo) - Ferdinando D'Urso - 3:51    
2) Morse - Ferdinando D'Urso - 2:54    
3) Echi - Ferdinando D'Urso - 4:39    
4) Di-Versi - Federico Sconosciuto - 4:52    
5) La otra desnudez - Stefano Maltese - 10:09    
6) Warlus Dance - Stefano Maltese - 08:48    
7) Divergenze - Federico Sconosciuto - 5:19    
8) Batter d'ali - Stefano Maltese - 9:43    
9) W.W. - Lorenzo Paesani - 07:39
Recorded at Sonoria Studio Recordings, Scordia (Sicily, Italy) on October, 13th and 14th, 2013. Sound engineer Salvo Noto.
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Maltese, Ferdinando D'Urso and Vincenzo Cavalli on December 28th 2013 and April 3rd 2014 at Sonoria Studio Recordings.

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