Hot & Fresh
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‘Hot & Fresh’  SLAMCD 590  Barcode: 5028386707929


LEGS 4et

Stefano Maimone: Electric Bass & Effects

Luigi Rinaldi: Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet

Enrico Smiderle: Drum & Percussions

Gabriele Carbone: Piano, Synth, Hammond, Vocoder


The progressive Italian quartet ‘LEGS 4et’ began life in Bologna, 2015 as a project based on jazz but recognising relevant influences such as funk, hip-hop and electronics.

Stefano Maimone’s inspiration in creating the group was born from his need to realise his stylistic research and to give voice to his musical vision, acknowledging the influences of his music mentors but never allowing them to prevail over his own style.

The pieces, written especially for this group, give room for expression to each member of the quartet, highlighting their musical characteristics and background.

Created in July 2017, ‘Hot & Fresh’ is a debut recording of surprising and fresh energy, deserving of recognition and appreciation. 


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CD Title: Hot & Fresh

Leader or group name: LEGS 4et

Names of musicians and the instruments they play:

Stefano Maimone: electric bass & effect

Luigi Rinaldi: Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet

Enrico Smiderle: Drum & percussions

Gabriele Carbone: Piano, synth, Hammond, vocoder


Track details:

1. Moanin / Car in Flame (Charles Mingus / Stefano Maimone) 5.51min

2. Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk) 4.01min

3. Saturday (Stefano Maimone) 7.40min

4. Hot & fresh (Stefano Maimone) 8.12min

5. Sunrise in Ronc (Stefano Maimone) 2.24min

6. Morning in Ronc (Stefano Maimone) 9.30min

7. I remember you (dedicated to Fede) (Stefano Maimone / Gabriele Carbone) 8.17min

8. Freeze (Stefano Maimone) 5.52min


Recording details:

Date and place of recording: 01/08/2017 Bologna (BO) Italy

Recording and Mixing engineer Gaddaman

Studio and Mastering @ Red Pill facility

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