Q Sessions
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"Q SESSIONS"  SLAMCD 576  Barcode: 5028386621324  DOUBLE CD

David Haney piano; Jorge Hernaez bass; David Bagda, guitar.

A double CD release where three composers improvise on two recordings from Argentina in 2015. Haney and Hernaez have worked together regularly since 2002, performing in the USA, Argentina and Chile. Disc One, of the Q Sessions double CD package, is a live recording of this duo at the 2015 Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival. On Disc Two, guitarist David Bajda joins the duo in concert in Mendoza. All the material is spontaneously composed.

David Haney’s fourth SLAM CD release, ‘Q Sessions’, gives an insight into his long standing collaboration with Argentine musicians, in particular Jorge Hernaez.

He writes: "In 2002, I was invited by jazz photographer, Jorge Lardone to perform in concerts throughout Argentina. He wrote to me that I would not get rich off the tour, but I would be treated very well. Fourteen years have passed and seven trips to Argentina have enriched my life and my artistry. The common thread in all of my trips has been my collaborations with bassist Jorge Hernaez. In 2002, we became friends, and over the years we have honed our love of instant composing into an art form. You don't go to Argentina to get famous, you go there to rescue your soul and to rediscover your passion."

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Details Reviews

CD Title    "Q Sessions"


H Duo, HBH Trio


David Haney, piano

Jorge Hernaez, bass

David Bagda, guitar


Track details:



1. ABACADA  7:57

2. Usina Sprint 7:36

3. Twelve Bars/Improv 8:16,

4. Tiempo de Swing 6:42

5. Night Sounding 8:29

6. Song For Julia 3:50,

7. Farewell Flight 3:47

Total running time: 46:39


1. Guiba 7:53

2. Coming Sur 7:30

3. Dajo Half Step 6:30

4. Chronos of Lycea 9:16

5. Tocayo 7:01

6. Vermejo 8:02

7. Resonance 8:21

8. Reflections on a Groove 3:22

9. Incision 4:12

Total running time: 62:14


All tunes by David Bagda, Jorge Hernaez, David Haney, except Twelve Bars, Herbie Nichols, copyright Roswell Music.


Recording details:

Date and place of recording.

Nov 11, 14, 17, 2016, Teatro Quintanilla, Mendoza Argentina; Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Name of sound engineer(s) for recording and mastering.

Jorge Hernaez

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