Feher virag
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"Fehér virág / White Flower"  SLAMCD 569  Barcode:   5028386634829 Szilárd Mezei Flute & Strings Trio ~ Szilárd MEZEI – viola, kaval, Svetlana NOVAKOVIÆ – flute, Maja RADOVANLIJA – acoustic guitar

The Flute and Strings Trio was originally assembled in 2005 in Novi Sad, Serbia – the pure textures of viola, flute and acoustic guitar proving to be an enchanting combination. This recording was actually made in the early days of the trio, which was fortunate because since then Maja Radovanlija has moved to live in USA and Svetlana Novakoviæ in Slovenia resulting in few opportunties for the trio to perform. Composer Szilárd Mezei describes: "Music of the trio moves from completely free improvisation over dramaturgical compositional techniques to fully-written compositions. These compositions are mostly written with aleatoric technique, and despite the fact that it is a composition, due to the aleatory sonority it is very close to improvised music, but with clearer melodic, rhythmic and harmonic terms than in a completely improvised music. In addition to the collective playing, solos and duets play a big role in the program of the trio."

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CD Title: Fehér virág

Catalogue No  SLAMCD 569

Szilárd Mezei Flute & Strings Trio


Szilárd MEZEI – viola, kaval

Svetlana NOVAKOVIÆ – flute

Maja RADOVANLIJA – acoustic guitar



Track details:

1. Vadludak I-II / Wild Geese I-II (Hommage á John Cassavetes)   32’28"

2. Árnyjáték / Shadow Show  (Hommage á John Carter)                   26’52"

3. Fehér virág / White Flower                                                             10’36"




Szilárd Mezei (SOKOJ)



Date and place of recording.
12. August 2005., Studio Vilenjak,  Novi Sad, Serbia Recorded and mixed by Saša Milankov. Mastered by Szilárd Mezei.

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