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JORGE CABADAS   Solo guitar

"More Steps  is another stage in my quest as a soloist in the field of real time composition. In the 21st century, I am humbly attempting to pick up the baton of previous masters: Bach, Bartok , Cage, Ornette , AMM , Lester Bowie, etc.   It is also a journey through my very own personal 'mikrokosmos’. I intend to find an order in the random by taking the structures arising from the immediate to a point of rest and conclusion.It essentially has to do with wanting to shape the random ."

So writes Jorge Cabadas – and I believe it reflects the thoughts and ideas of many contemporary improvising musician in expressing views on what they are doing and where they see themselves now and tomorrow.  George Haslam

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CD Title …more steps

Jorge Cabadas (guitar)

Track details:

1. Diving (part 1) - 2:18 2. Experiment #3 - 2:02 3. Diving (part 2) - 7:31  4. More steps - 4:48 5. Floatin´again! - 1:51 6. She explores the void - 5:48 7. Obstinato - 3:34 8. AEE (Advanced Electronic Experience) - 7:47 9. Walking nowhere - 6:00

 Composer Jorge Cabadas

Date and place of recording.

Recorded at the Historical Archive of Jaén (Spain) May 25 & 26, 2015  Recorded by Bernardo Jurado & Antonio Félix Vico  Mastered by Antonio Félix Vico

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