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"Derengé/Dawn"  SLAMCD 565  Barcode:   5999883043172  Double CD. SLEEVE NOTES BY ANTHONY BRAXTON.

Compositions of György Szabados played by The Grencsó Open Collective. István Grencsó reeds, Máté Pozsár piano, Róbert Benkö bass, Szilveszter Miklós pcn. With Guests Szilárd Mezei, Ádám Meggtes, Ábel Fazekas and Gergö Kovás.

Throughout the 1980’s I played extensively in Hungary for the National Radio and many jazz festivals; one of my outstanding memories is the excitement of hearing the groups of György Szabados live in concert and at festivals. Like Bartok before him, but following a different strain, Szabados’ work is much influenced by Hungarian folk music and has found its own recognised place in the culture of that country. When the Hungarian label ‘Hunnia’ told me of this double CD project and invited SLAM in a joint production I had no hesitation in accepting and I could not be more pleased with the result.

George Haslam

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SLAMCD 565   DOUBLE CD CD Title Derengé/Dawn Compositions of Geörgy Szabados.

Grencsó Open Collective

István Grencsó Sop. ten. saxes Bs Clt, Pipe Máté Pozsár  Piano Róbert Benkö  Dbl Bs Szilveszter Miklós Dms. Pcn

Guests: Szilárd Mezei  Viola   Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6. Ádám Meggtes Tpt, Pipe.  Tracks 3, 6. Ábel Fazekas  Clt., Pipe  Tracks  6. Gergö Kovás  Bari sax, Pipe.  Tracks 6.

Track details:

CD 1 1 Azesküvö/The Wedding 2 Fohsáz/Supplication 3 Adyton

CD 2 4 Ajánlás Asszonyainknak/Commendation to our Women 5 Halott-Táncoltatás/Dance of Reanimation 6 Regölés/Minstrelsky

All compositions by György Szabados.

Recorde 11 April 2015 by Dexter. Poduced by Róbert Zoltán Hunka

BARCODE 5999883043172

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